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Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite is a cloud based productivity suite which includes applications like Google Docs and Google Slides. Workspace has also included chat and video conferencing feature due to the increased work from home pattern. Google is planning to add more features to this in the coming months. G Suite is […]

ZOHO Forms

Zoho Forms is a strong and reliable online form builder which is mainly developed for creating and collecting forms from various systems, online platforms and other mobile applications. You can also share them with multiple users. They help the employees of an organization to add public links to the forms and mail them to other […]

How to know a girl has feelings for you?

When it comes to boys, understanding a girl’s feeling is never easy. There are many ways to find out their feelings; it can be through the expression in their eyes, through their facial expression, fluctuations in their voice or physical behaviour. But understanding each expressions and movements helps you to know what they mean. For […]

Things you should never say to your partner

While communicating with your partner, there are some things which you should never say to them because it can seriously harm your relationship. When you are having fights, you may tell something due to the pressure and may be it unknowingly slipped out of your tongue. Even unknowingly you should never tell them certain phrases […]

Signs that you partner is losing interest in you

When you start to recognize that your partner is pulling off from you in a relationship, you feel hurt and can flare up deep rooted fears and insecurities. There can be situations where your relationship isn’t happy and you feel that something is missing in your partner. You feel that the energy you both had […]

Emotional needs in a relationship

Other than love, there are various needs required for a relationship to sustain. It can be physical, emotional and mental. Only if these needs are met, your relationship will stay healthy and will last long. Here were focussing about the emotional needs. Every individual has their own emotional needs. Feelings like affection, care, security and […]

Zoho campaigns

 Zoho campaign is a feature rich software used for email marketing. They can be used by all types of business; large scale, medium scale and small scale. They support you with list management, automation, report tracking etc. Campaign is a cost-efficient email marketing application that helps your business grow and reach more number of people. […]

How to avoid fights in relationships?

A relationship consists of two different personalities. Both the person will have different vibe, different perspectives and different personality. So there are chances fights come up in a relationship. The main problem is that people won’t give up in a fight. They don’t think about the love they had or the feelings they shared. They […]

Adobe Character Animate

Adobe Systems has developed much software which makes creativity easier and attractive. They have always supported creative people and offered grounds to improve their thoughts and ideas. Creative softwares are grouped together under a common Creative Cloud. The advantage of Creative Cloud is that, once you subscribe to cloud, you can work on different softwares […]