What are the health benefits of raw honey?

Honey is commonly used as a sweetener. It’s made up of 70–80 percent sugar; the rest is water, Minerals, and protein. It’s aIso used to aIIeviate aIIergies. But raw honey has many other uses. Surprisingly, many of the conditions that honey is used to treat are far more serious than the simple sore throat.

When you buy honey online, make sure it is grown organically. Because most the health benefits of raw honey are missing in artificially processed honey. It is always advised to buy raw honey from a vendor who offer traceability on their products. Traceability helps you find the origin of the honey and the way it is processed.

The Antioxidants in Honey

Unrefined honey contains an abundance of various antioxidants that can have major implications for health. Generally speaking, antioxidants in the diet are associated with improved health and lower risk of disease.

Two human studies revealed that consumption of raw honey increases the antioxidant value of the blood.

Not only this, but it also has many positive effects on the health of people who consume honey at night. Let us know in detail the benefits of its consumption below.

Honey for weight loss
Uses insomnia
Honey for skin, face
Relieve cough
Remove stress
Digestion process right
Benefits headaches

Many scientific types of research on honey in the last few decades confirm its benefits mentioned in Ayurveda.

Here some major advantages of Raw honey

1. Burns

Honey has been used as a saIve to heaI burns and prevent infections for thousands of years, according to the Mayo CIinic. ResuIts aIso show that honey may reduce burn heaIing time.

This study Trusted Source compared honey to a siIver suIfadiazene dressing for burns, and found that honey makes wounds steriIe in Iess time, enhances heaIing, and doesn’t Ieave as much scarring as the other treatment.

  1. Memory

Some say honey can improve both short- and Iong-term memory, especiaIIy in menopausaI and postmenopausaI women. In one studyTrusted Source, postmenopausaI women who were given tuaIang honey treatments for severaI weeks saw as much improvement in their immediate memory as women given hormone therapy of estrogen and progestin.

  1. Herpes

Research conducted in Dubai shows that honey is an effective topicaI treatment for both oraI and genitaI herpes. Honey can heaI Iesions from herpes just as quickIy as ointments you find at a pharmacy, and it’s even better at reducing itchiness.

  1. Diabetes

Honey has a Iower gIycemic index than sugar, which means it won’t spike your bIood sugar IeveIs the way sugar wiII. Honey aIso has a sweeter taste than sugar and may heIp you use Iess sweetener on foods. This makes honey a better option than sugar. In one study, researchers found that swapping honey for pure sugar is an effective way to keep bIood sugar IeveIs steady.

  1. Cancer

Honey is ceIebrated for its antioxidant properties, which causes many to wonder if it can heIp prevent or treat cancer. A 2011 study from Iran Iooked at how honey affects renaI ceII carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer. The researchers found that honey is effective in stopping cancer ceIIs from muItipIying, and they concIuded that it warrants further study as a cancer treatment.

  1. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids cause itching and pain in the anus, as weII as bIood in the stooI. They are never fun. If you’re Iooking for a home remedy, honey might fit the biII. A piIot study using a mixture of honey, oIive oiI, and beeswax as a topicaI treatment found that the mixture significantIy reduced pain and itching, as weII as bIeeding.

  1. Wounds and ulcer’s

Honey has been used to dress wounds for centuries, but does it work better than geIs and compresses? The research is mixed, but certainly not against honey. The Mayo CIinic says that honey can sterilize wounds and promote heaIing, and aIso reduce pain, odor, and wound size. It can aIso treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Iong-term uIcers and wounds after surgery and from burns.

Other researchers agree that it can be effective, or even superior, to other wound dressings, but it aII depends on the wound. For deep cuts and wounds, it may deIay heaIing time. You shouId onIy use honey after you’ve seen a doctor.

  1. FertiIity

Honey has been Lauded for its potential to boost fertility in both men and women, but the evidence is mixed. Two separate studies using rats, conducted in Nigeria in 2013, give very different resuIts. WhiIe, one showed that honey increases the sperm count of maIe rats, the other showed that too much honey can have a negative effect on fertility in rats. More research needs to be done.

  1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes redness, bIisters, itching, and even Iesions. It’s usuaIIy treated with topical creams that contain corticosteroids or vitamin D, but honey may be more effective. This study once again uses a mixture of honey, oIive oiI, and beeswax, finding that most participants with psoriasis experienced a reduction in redness, scaIing, and itching.

The takeaway

Honey can have some surprising uses. With a Iow glycemic index, it’s a good substitute for sugar and can heIp you monitor bIood sugar. But if you want to use it medicaIIy, Iike applying it topicality to wounds and irritated skin, make sure you speak to your doctor.

Why should we use organic coconut oil?

Many people praise organic coconut for its potential for weight loss, antibacterial and antioxidant effects, enhanced skin and dental health, and other health advantages. Coconut oil is broadly advertised as a superfood.

The exceptional blend of unsaturated fats in coconut oil may effectively affect your wellbeing, for example, boosting fat misfortune, heart wellbeing, and mind work.

It is recommended to buy minimally processed organic coconut oil. Make sure to buy coconut oil from vendors who offer traceability on their products. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of organic coconut oil.

The Chemical properties of organic Coconut oil are

Oleic Acid (C18:1), a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. It makes up 55 to 83% of olive oil. Linoleic Acid (C18:2), a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that makes up about 3.5 to 21% of olive oil. Palmitic Acid (C16:0), a saturated fatty acid that makes up 7.5 to 20% of olive oil.

These chemical structure help in keeping human body healthy.

Here, are the top 3 health advantages of coconut oil:

Promote bone health

The two main causes of osteoporosis are oxidative stress and free radicals. Coconut oil is a popular all-natural treatment for osteoporosis due to its high antioxidant content, which aids in the battle against free radicals.

Enhances strength and stamina

It is simple to digest coconut oil. Additionally, it boosts metabolism and creates more energy over a longer period of time.

Helps to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease

Natural saturated fats are prevalent in coconut oil. In addition to raising the levels of good cholesterol in your body, saturated fats also aid in the transformation of harmful cholesterol into beneficial cholesterol.

Additional 10 Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

  1. Keep You Healthy and Slim

You can help boost and regulate your metabolism to keep your weight under control with this wonder oil.

  1. Support Your Immune System

Organic coconut oil is jam-packed with lauric acid, the immune supporting nutrient.

  1. Promote Heart Health

Packed full of healthy fats that are good for your heart, organic coconut oil is a great addition to your daily diet.

  1. Give You Instant Energy

Organic coconut oil can help you feel less fatigued and require less sleep by stimulating your metabolism. It can also enhance athletic performance.

  1. Support Healthy Thyroid Function

Organic coconut oil helps to stimulate the activity and proper functioning of this important gland which provides energy, supports the health of your skin and metabolism, and keeps your moods in balance.

  1. Help Keep Your Skin Youthful, Smooth & Healthy Looking

Using organic virgin coconut oil as a lotion will help improve your skin, hair, and nails due to its moisturizing and smoothing effects that also promote elasticity.

  1. Increase Cell Regeneration

When your metabolic rate increases, your cell regeneration speeds up, too. This means that your body will more quickly replace old cells with newer, healthier cells.

  1. Promote Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Bacterial Activity

Teeming with lauric acid, organic coconut oil possesses abundant natural agents that may reduce fungus, bacteria and the viruses that cause influenza, herpes, and other illnesses.

  1. Improve Insulin Secretion

This helps to better utilize glucose to balance insulin output which can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes.

  1. Protect Your Body from Disease

Organic coconut oil may help protect your body from cell damaging free radicals.

Where to buy Organic Coconut oil online

Svojas Farms 100% organic Coconut oil is available to buy online through amazon. Delivery is available anywhere in India also abroad. Place an order today and experience the benefits of coconut oil in its 100% natural form

How to identify the person using phone number?

here are situations on which we need to find out a text message from an anonymous phone number. We may have to find out the person’s name, location, social media profiles and more. This situation may arise in various occasions. One of which can be a in a relationship where the partner has an illicit relationship with someone else.

In such a case, you can use this company named Beenverfied to have a check on the phone number. This web application offers a service by which we can find out a person sing their phone number.

You just have to enter the phone number in question into the filed provided. It will then check the background of the phone number and then provide you with the

1.Person name
2.Social media profiles

About BeenVerified

Founded in 2007, Beenverified is a talented and passionate team located in New York City. Our goal is simple: to provide simple, affordable access to public information. This information used to only be available to those with huge budgets – at BeenVerified, we’re making it available to everyone.

Why BeenVerified?

If you’re looking for a person, vehicle, phone number or address, BeenVerified can help. Our subscriptions include 8 products for the price of 1: person search, vehicle search, phone search, address search, email search, social media search, unclaimed money search and business search.

Using BeenVerified is easy

Accessing and using public information has historically been difficult and often limited to those paying huge amounts to access big databases.

Public agencies are required to allow access to public information but can limit how, where, and when to provide that access, whether it’s multiple websites or visiting various government buildings to compile information.

BeenVerified makes things easier. They aggregate public record information from multiple sources, providing a one-stop service. Unlike some of our competitors, BeenVerified reports are also simple, easy-to-use and kept up to date.

Stay away from Facebook hack; steps toward security

Facebook, one of the established social media networks around the world has changed human lives in different ways. With Facebook, people were introduced to a new form of communication system which they never experienced before. Connecting friends and family who are far away easily gave a strike to Facebook and today it is one of the established and accepted social media platforms around the world. But, all the plus points of Facebook fade away on a single topic, ‘Facebook hack’. The day hackers began compromising accounts and leaking information, all the goodwill Facebook earned collapsed in a second. Due to the increasing Facebook hack, people began to doubt the security and privacy policy. They became reluctant to share their personal information on Facebook, feared identity thieves.

With around 2 billion users on Facebook, hackers are flocking to Facebook in search of personal information. Here is some of the reason why you should take care while using Facebook.

Fluctuating privacy settings that can end in Facebook hack

If privacy is your aim then Facebook is a bad choice. Storing personal information on Facebook is like giving the key to your locker to hackers. Modern-day Facebook hack can easily find loopholes in privacy settings and get into people’s profiles. More since Facebook regularly updates the privacy settings, some of the settings you have saved will go back to default. You may be unaware of this fact but it is true.

Some of the customized settings will go back to default making you vulnerable to Facebook hack. Moreover, Facebook quietly stores all your personal information without your knowledge. Facebook has openly admitted the fact that they use these for advertising purposes. Set your privacy in such a way that your information does not get indexed in the search engines easily and the wrong people do not get your status updates. Whatever you do, storing personal information on Facebook cannot be avoided. So it is better to avoid sharing many details.

Annoying ads; both official and traps

Since most people are glued to Facebook, Facebook keeps on putting up ads. There prioritize the ads based on your search history on Google and even analyses your sound to bring up the best ad of your interest. Other than official ads, hackers set infected ads as traps to Facebook hack. The infected ad will look so legitimate and tempting that it will make you click on the link or attachment. Before using Facebook, you should be aware of all these hidden traps to stay away from Facebook hack.

Possible ways to stay away from Facebook hack

  1. Avoid saving passwords on public devices: If you are accessing Facebook from a public device or a friend’s device, never allow the system to save your password. Most of us click the ‘Yes’ option from the dialogue box that appears after typing the password. In a rush we don’t read the dialogue box and it will remain saved and the next user can easily access your account.
  2. Log out after use: Once you have done using Facebook, log out. This can prevent strangers from using your account and prevent Facebook hack. Even if you close the browser after the session, Facebook will re-pick the session and give the next user the access to your account.
  3. Enable two-step verification: To make sure your account remains intact, activate two-step verification. This feature protects your account from Facebook hack by sending authentication message to your phone when a hacker tries to log into your account. The message will contain a unique code. Only when the code is entered correctly you will be given entry to your account.
  4. Clean your browser regularly: Cleaning your browser once in a while is advisable to avoid identity thefts and phishing attacks. Clearing browser history and cache will help prevent hackers from gaining your authentication details.

Bluehost; an ideal web hosting software for your business

With multiple hosting software in the market, Bluehost stands in the front row in terms of efficiency and publicity. Blue host provides Webhosting software at an affordable rate starting with a basic plan. Bluehost has a worldwide acceptance in the case of keeping servers and running them with decent loading speeds. Choosing Bluehost will benefit you in different ways and you may find your costs racking up.

Bluehost offers greater storage space, a good uptime record, and avoids traffic bandwidth caps. Being the leading web hosting service to manage sites, Bluehost is an affordable choice for common people. Their features ensure that they can be easily used from beginners to advanced developers by providing various hosting options. Bluehost helps in site builder integrations, digital marketing, and site hosting for small businesses.

Bluehost does not cap bandwidth and visitor traffic to sites, making it fast allowing unlimited visitors. They also provide strong security features and regular backups that help your site to run safely. Bluehost can be subscribed to in different tiers of the plan, starting from the basic introductory plan. They also provide 24×7 customer support through live chat and call.

Why Bluehost?

Bluehost is an ample platform for small-scale and medium-scale businesses. They have flexible pricing plans and are easy to use. The total server novices will make you comfortable while working with it. Bluehost is the best option for customizability as they allow open-source adaptations and advanced web development tools like Linux and FTP.


Even though there are a wide variety of web hosting services in the market, Bluehost provides comprehensive and useful features. Apart from the basic options, they provide added value and usability for your time and money.

Shared hosting

Since small scale and medium scale businesses do not need an incredible amount of space or detailed customization, Bluehost offers shared hosting plans. This helps you to share server space with other websites and helps you in hosting at a cheaper rate.

Dedicated servers

Bluehost provides dedicated servers so that only you are responsible for hosting your website. In case your website uses a high amount of traffic, then you can share the server space with other websites. This is done using ‘RAID Level 1’ support that mirrors your information to different disks.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Server helps you to navigate between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Here you can share your website with other sites but they will be protected by a virtual wall between your site and theirs. VPS allows you to make changes on a small scale.

Domain names by Bluehost

Bluehost provides the opportunity to directly purchase domains from the company.

SEO and marketing

Blue host provides wide opportunities for SEO and website marketing. They provide professional marketing services including pay-per-click campaigns, SEO and content marketing.

Hosting integrations with WordPress

Since most of the content management is done through WordPress, Bluehost provides WordPress specialized hosting which is optimized. Blue host is one among the three hosting platforms which directly host WordPress.

Most small-scale businesses need an easy setup in building websites, they need hosting to be done in a few clicks. With easy signup and features, Blue host manages your hosting account easily. The dashboard is designed in such a way that they are intuitive and user-friendly. The main layout resembles Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, or Box so that users can relate to them easily.

With a single login credential, Blue host can access all of your Bluehost accounts. Blue host also provides domain and email management such that you can instantly update and scale your server capabilities.

Advantages of Bluehost

Bluehost is suitable for users with different skills and abilities. If you have your website and you are not an expert, then the basic plan is all you want. Instead, if you need more customization options then the plus plan will be the best choice.

All the little features with excellent support make Blue host one of the best and user-friendly hosts. They also have an in-built marketplace to know whether they can fit your business needs.


  • Basic plan: $2.95/month
  • Plus plan: $5.45/month
  • Choice plan: $11.99/month
  • Pro plan: $26.99/month

Facebook usage neglecting the increasing Facebook hack!

Facebook is an eminent social media platform used to connect with family and friends around the world. They also help you in promoting business and products. The substantial increase in the number of users on Facebook has paved the way for Facebook hack and identity thieves. Even though various security measures have been introduced to wipe out Facebook hack, they are still multiplying at a substantial rate. But the updated privacy settings can safeguard your account from Facebook hack to an extent.

In the digital space, Facebook is considered the fastest growing social media platform with almost two billion users, and from those 50% of the users are active users.

Facebook is fun but not Facebook hack

You can consider Facebook as an entertainment medium where you can chat with your friends, share posts, ideas, thoughts, etc. To kill time there are different applications and games on Facebook like “Farmville”, “Candy Crush” etc. these are games that require patience and focus. So in a way, they are beneficial for the users. Facebook also consists of a wide variety of quizzes, which you can take part in. there are personality quizzes, IQ-based quizzes, knowledge-based quizzes, etc. playing quizzes can increase your knowledge and IQ level. But whenever you are playing games or quizzes, it is not mandatory that you must post the results in your timeline. When it is asked “post to your profile or skip”, just “skip” it. People these days spend their time in front of their laptops working, so it will be a relief for them to spend time on Facebook. But you should have a time limit to spend time on social media, never get addicted to them!

You can connect to your friend and family members differently

Facebook is an effective platform to catch up with your friends and family members easily who are far from you and lost contact with you. The friends and family members you see only on certain occasions can be contacted easily through Facebook. You can communicate with them easily through messenger. Even though we communicate with them through calls, texting becomes a convenient way to communicate openly without any barriers.

Facebook is an open platform to connect with like-minded people

Facebook is a great platform to socialize and meet new personalities, but be careful they are not hackers. There are genuine people with whom you can connect and share thoughts. Fake profiles have destroyed the concept of meeting new people through Facebook. Due to Facebook hack, every time we receive a friend request, we doubt them to be fake. But still, by carefully picking up friend requests, you can meet new people from groups, pages on Facebook. Facebook also provides suggestions about users whom you might know. If you are a writer or business owner, meeting new personalities will be an opportunity to explore new things. Share your thoughts, content, and views about different topics and compare your ideas with others.

Facebook for businesses& Facebook hack

Facebook provides vast opportunities to grow your business and market them. The Facebook business consists of certain rules and regulation that helps them to remain safe from malicious threat actors. Maintaining the business information intact is one of the major plus points of Facebook. If there is any suspicious behavior from any of the members of your business page, Facebook will instantly kick them off from your account. In this way, it maintains a protective wall against Facebook hack. Through Facebook, you can improve relationships that benefit your business. Using Facebook you can keep direct contact with your customers who are interested in your product. With constant communication with other business leaders, you can expand your contact links and improve your business. Moreover, you can conduct a survey or poll to know the reach of your product among the users.

For every negative side, there is a positive side. Even though Facebook faces a lot of issues due to cyber hackers, there are possibilities in Facebook for you to explore. Take appropriate security measures and explore Facebook.

Understanding Facebook threats that lead to Facebook hack

We all use Facebook daily. How many of us are well aware of the ins and outs of Facebook. Only a few, maybe a million people! The rest of the users do not know what is happening on Facebook. They are not worried about Facebook hack or data loss. As Facebook has touched the peak of two billion users, it’s high time we educate people about the hidden threats behind Facebook and the after-effects of Facebook hack. People use Facebook to stay connected with their family and friends. To be honest, communicating with friends and family who are far from you can bring an incredible amount of pleasure. As a social media network, Facebook has brought a major change in the communication pattern. This has benefitted Facebook to evolve into one of the world’s best social media platforms.

Another plus point of Facebook is that they provide a developing ground for big and small business owners, network marketers and salespeople. Currently, Facebook consists of 500 million business clients who market their products and services on Facebook. If you are planning to be a part of the Facebook business, it is important to consider all the security protocols so that your Facebook page cannot be hacked easily. Being an online business page, what you need is consistency and security. If it is a business page, you might need to make it public and add some confidential information to attract customers. Before you upload the data, make sure that you have customized the privacy settings. Never let a stranger hack your account and leak your business information.

Since the cases of Facebook hack are increasing substantially, people are afraid to use social media, especially Facebook. Being an established platform, Facebook had major falls in terms of privacy. A few years back, Facebook was accused of stealing users’ information for advertising purposes. This had a negative reaction and people began abandoning Facebook. It is only after the introduction of a sealed privacy policy, Facebook began to socialize again.


Everyone is concerned about privacy on Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook is hard-hit for privacy concerns. Since Facebook regularly updates the privacy settings, it is hard to stay up-to-date. After every update, some of the present privacy settings change to default making us vulnerable to Facebook hack. This is one of the drawbacks of privacy updates. Most of the users are unaware of how to customize their privacy settings and how to control people’s access to personal information. Due to this complication, Facebook has simplified them and made it easy for the users.

Even after strict security measures, Facebook hackers are finding loopholes that give access to people’s personal information. So, using privacy settings you can only restrict Facebook hack to a certain extent. It is better to avoid updating too much confidential data into Facebook including date of birth, phone number, address, bank details, etc. Facebook generally stores data in massive databases and they take the details from this storage for advertisement purposes.

Tips to prevent Facebook hack

Since the magnitude of Facebook hack is multiplying rapidly, here are some tips to protect your Facebook account.

  1. When you are using Facebook, make sure that you go into the depths of privacy settings. If you have not customized your privacy settings, your account will have vulnerabilities and can lead to Facebook hack. Never assume that Facebook will protect your data without you making an effort. To modify the settings, go to “Account” and then “Privacy settings”.
  2. Even though you have activated privacy options, understand that people can still see what you have put on Facebook. Never update anything which you don’t want a stranger to view. Avoid uploading personal photos, videos, geo-tags. This private information can attract identity thieves.
  3. Whenever you come across a link on Facebook, think twice before you click it, importantly when you are allowing requests which seem suspicious. Some hackers design fake Facebook pages which will look exactly like the original one. Never fall for such a trap and give out your login credentials.

Surge in Facebook hack; public computers and privacy

Facebook is a well-established social networking site that has faced a lot of repercussions about their privacy and insecurity. Facebook hack was found to thrive on Facebook even after implementing advanced privacy policies. Hackers keep on changing the techniques to compromise accounts and use modern tricks to trap the users. The minor vulnerabilities Facebook makes in their privacy settings make hackers easily exploit them and get into the network.

Some people use public systems or networks to log into Facebook. Public systems and networks will have traps set by the hackers and while you use them, they get hold of your login credentials. Public devices often expose your username or password which helps Facebook hack to log in to your account without your consent. For instance, if you are using a public computer, you may unknowingly click on to “keep me logged in” option. So even after you log out, the login credentials will remain there and the next person who uses the system can have access to your Facebook account, it can even be a hacker. They will use your account in the way they like.

To prevent this from happening, always uncheck the keep me logged in box while logging into Facebook. If you do so, even if you have forgotten to log out and closed the entire window, the next person arriving cannot have access to your account since the password column will be blank. In this way, you can secure your account. But why take risks?  Avoid using public systems to log in to Facebook.

Nowadays, browsers have updated and they save all your passwords automatically such that you don’t have to enter them every time you try to log in. But never save your password on public systems. Once you give permission, your login details will be saved allowing anyone your Facebook account.

Privacy settings & Facebook hack

Facebook is a social media platform that collects a lot of personal information from you. Before giving out your information make sure that it stays private. Facebook updates the privacy settings regularly.

Use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication

While increasing Facebook hack, it is necessary to have a strong password and two-factor authentication. Even though it may seem obvious, it must be considered a serious issue. Also, make sure that you are not using the same password for multiple accounts. It is advised to use a password manager to safeguard your passwords.

Once you have set a complex password, enable two-factor authentication. When two-factor authentication is activated, you have to enter a generated code during the time of login.

Have a regular check on the privacy settings and tools

Facebook has categorized a different section for privacy. Here you can make changes in the privacy settings like controlling your post views, friend requests and decide what others can see on your profile. Privacy settings are a list of options that you can adjust according to your like. Mainly change your privacy setting from “public” to “private” as public accounts are always vulnerable to Facebook hack.  

Remove your past posts to avoid Facebook hack

Nowadays, after many data leaks and Facebook hack people became aware of the dangers lurking on Facebook. So they started to control the sharing of personal information. Also, it is recommended to remove the posts and contents that have information that points out your personality.

To change the settings, go to the privacy section and select, “Limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends of friends or Public?” and from the tab that appears click on “Limit the audience for old posts on your timeline.”

Defend Facebook hack; tips to save your account

As regular users of Facebook, we would have heard or experienced Facebook hack once in our lifetime. Not all hacks are serious ones. Some people just hack your Facebook account for fun; it can even be your friends who are mocking you. But, there is Facebook hack that leads to very serious problems like financial loss or personality destruction. Serious Facebook hack is carried out against established individuals, famous personalities, activists, etc. These are organized and structured attacks. In either way, the hacker takes up your account using some tricks and techniques.

As we all know, Facebook is the least secure platform when it comes to privacy. Even Facebook has agreed to the fact that they are using the personal information of the users for advertisement purposes. To be more precise, the developers are failing to establish a strong privacy policy that defends all types of Facebook hack. The vulnerabilities in each update are utilized by the threat actors to compromise accounts. With the ever-increasing number of Facebook users, hackers are trying to capitalize on this growth by introducing new techniques.

Out of the 2 billion users on Facebook, almost a quarter of them are fake accounts created by hackers to trick users and compromise their accounts. Experts estimate that around 160,000 Facebook accounts are being hacked every day and millions of accounts are being subjected to data exposure. Once the hacker gets hold of your account, they will utilize them to steal your identity, contact your friends, spread scams, and send infected files.

To make sure that your data does not fall into the hands of hackers, you should follow certain security steps.

Signs that you are trapped in Facebook hack

There are some prominent signs which make you understand that your account has been hacked.

  • Messages sent to different friends without your knowledge.
  • Suspicious posts in your timeline
  • Change in the personal information
  • Friend request sent to strangers
  • An impersonated account with your name and photos.

If you come across any of these, there are chances that your account is hacked. If your account is hacked, you can check it using a simple way. Click on “Settings” and then click “Security”. From the tab that appears, choose “Login”. This will display the information of all the devices and locations from which your account has been accessed. To make these logins suspicious, just click the “Not You” tab.

Protect your account from Facebook hack

Create a strong and complex password

You should create a strong password that consists of more than 8 characters and has a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and special symbols. Make sure your password is so complex that Facebook hack cannot get hold of them. If you have a problem remembering the password, try to install a password manager. They will help you to create and preserve passwords with full security.

Activate two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a technique that helps to protect your account from Facebook hack. Once you enable two-factor authentication, they build an extra layer of security for your account. Even if the hackers guess your login ID and password, with two-factor authentication activated, they can’t get into your account. To activate two-factor authentication, go to “settings” and click “Security and login”. There you can see “Two-factor authentication”. Just click on to edit and set them activated.

Never accept friend requests from strangers

Never accept the friend request from people who are total strangers to you. They can be hackers and once you accept their request, they will leak all your personal details, contact lists, and social activity. They will use this information in the future to create a duplicate account impersonating you.

Security question; a tool to escape Facebook hack

Facebook hack has become a common term these days. Even though hackers leak personal data from Facebook, people are least bothered about that. They continue to upload their photos, videos, personal details and other information which points towards their identity. The problem here is the lack of proper awareness and education about this topic. People don’t understand the consequences if their data is in the hands of a stranger. In this cyber world, information is everything and it can be exploited in multiple ways. For instance, just using your birth details, a Facebook hack can apply for a credit card or take a loan from the bank. So this is a serious issue and you must consider the security of your account as your first priority.

One of the methods to protect your Facebook account is using security questions. If someone is trying to log into your Facebook account, to confirm it’s you, Facebook asks a security question that you have saved before. Only if the answer goes right, the hacker will get access to your account. Even though there are modern techniques to break this wall, not every hacker is well versed in technical skills. So they will back off.

Are your security questions safe from Facebook hack?

The thing is that you set up a security question during sign up and after that, you totally forget about it. For instance, in the future, if you lose your Facebook password and you can’t remember the security question and answer then you will totally lose access to your account.

Like passwords, security questions are protection criteria that prevent Facebook hack and identity thefts. Even if you have a strong and complex password, try to set up a security question for an extra layer of protection.

Similar to passwords, there are generally two methods a hacker can use to grab your security answers. He will either perform a breach or he will guess them.


In most cases, it is through the breach, the hackers get access to your security answers. We must establish proper security measures to protect them from getting into the wrong hands. Breaches can also affect other security options like two-factor authentication, SMS verification, etc.


When you are putting the answers which are related to you, there are chances that Facebook hacks can easily leak them from you through social engineering techniques. According to experts, the possibility of a guessed answer to be correct by the hackers is 19.7%. Hackers have the ability to crowdsource information and guess the correct security answer.

How to secure your security question from Facebook hack?

Try to create answers which is unique and which cannot be guessed. Never put anything related to you or your family. Instead try out a combination of letters, characters, numbers, symbols, etc. This decreases the possibility of guessing and can prevent your account from being compromised.

Create your own questions. While given the opportunity to create your own question, utilize them and create one such question which can be answered only by you in this whole world. Studies find that in such cases, hackers could not guess the answers successfully.

If you are providing a security answer on Facebook, never provide the same answer in any other account. In case the hacker successfully hack your Facebook account, there are chances that other accounts will also get compromised. So never duplicate an answer to a security question.

Openly speaking, like any other security policy on Facebook, security questions also have their own drawbacks. Never believe that a system will completely protect you from cyber-attacks and data thefts. Even if an enhanced security measure is introduced, they will have loopholes through which the hacker gets into the network. While considering security questions, it is a better security measure than others which ensures protection to a certain extent.