How to check the Facebook chats of the person using phone number?

There are situations on which we need to find out a chat message from an anonymous phone number. We may have to find out the person’s name, get their social media access and more. This situation may arise in various occasions. One of which can be a in a relationship where the partner has an illicit relationship with someone else.

In such a case, you can use this company named eGspy to have a check on their Facebook. This web application offers a service by which we can get access to a person’s social media chats using their phone number.

You just have to enter the phone number in question into the filed provided. It will then check the background of the phone number and then provide you with the

1.Person name
2.Social media profile access
3.Email Access
4.Call Records

About eGspy

Founded in 2007, eGspy is a talented and passionate team located in New York City. Our goal is simple: to provide simple, affordable access to public information. This information used to only be available to those with huge budgets – at eGspy, we’re making it available to everyone.

Why eGspy?

If you’re looking for a person, vehicle, phone number or address, eGspy can help. Our services include 8 products for the price of 1: person search, social media access, email search, call records, unclaimed money search and business search.

Using eGspy is easy

Accessing and using public information has historically been difficult and often limited to those paying huge amounts to access big databases.

Public agencies are required to allow access to public information but can limit how, where, and when to provide that access, whether it’s multiple websites or visiting various government buildings to compile information.

eGspy makes things easier. They aggregate public record information from multiple sources, providing a one-stop service. Unlike some of our competitors, eGspy reports are also simple, easy-to-use and kept up to date.

Establishing Facebook safety from hacking

Facebook hack has become a growing plague which can damage our identity and reputation. The cases of Facebook hack using spy tools is increasing extensively day by day. Even though Facebook accounts are protected by in-built security measures, hackers are finding new measures to compromise accounts and get hold of people’s personal information. Apart from the usage and nature of Facebook profiles, every user should understand the need for protecting your account from malicious threat actors.

People mainly use Facebook to connect with people, socialize, promote business, services etc. As per the records the number of users in Facebook has exceeded 2 billion. While browsing such a popular platform, care must be taken and should implement proper security measures. In Facebook, you cannot control the number of users accessing your page if you are running a business page. So it is important you follow some safety tips to keep away hackers from hacking your Facebook account.

Select the suitable privacy policy

While running a business, it is important to update the privacy settings regularly. In case you need any changes, modify the privacy settings. Hackers can come in any way, so frequent checking and modification of your account should be made a habit. When Facebook releases new updates, update your account and privacy settings. Since you cannot track the activities of the users visiting your business page, the changes in privacy setting will help you safeguard your page from malicious Facebook hackers.

Identify and prevent hacking activities

As the number of users is increasing in Facebook, equally the number of fraudsters and hackers are also increasing. They perform Facebook hack through different methods like phishing, social engineering, scams, fake profiles and rogue applications. When you are handling a business page, you may advertise in different groups and communities for the growth of your business. In some situations you may end up linking your business page with infected pages or networks. You may fall for the trap set up by Facebook hackers.

Try to spend time checking your promotion groups so that your page does not fall in the hands of the hacker. One careful step can make your account safe and secure.

Regular scan and decoding external links

While using Facebook as a marketing platform, you may have to communicate with the existing and new customers and should allow others to share public links related to your business in your wall. It is by this socializing technique you grow your business. But the truth is that you cannot check on all the people and identify their intention who is visiting your page. So it is better you do regular scans and try to decode the contents and links posted in your wall.

To ensure safety, it is important to prepare and establish a proper Facebook safety policy so that you can identify and block infected links and attachment from your page.

Safeguard important information and data

The main purpose of running a business page is to promote your products and communicating with the customers. They can also be used for analysing comments, suggestions and feedback from the customers. Customers can be of different types and you cannot predict what they will do with your business data and information. So take appropriate measure to stay safe from Facebook hackers.

Try to use two factor authentication

This is one of the important steps towards safety. When you have activated two-factor authentication feature, during the time of login Facebook will send you a six digit number to the email or phone number which is linked with the account. Only when you enter this OTP, you can login to your account. This feature can prevent unauthorized access and Facebook hack to an extent.

Enable SSL browsing.

SSL will not be activated by default in your account. It is advisable that your activate SSL browsing for your safety. With SSL browsing, you can erase all the data including the password data. You can enable SSL browsing under the account settings and security. They will actively encrypt every session and prevents other from peeping into your privacy, even if they are using any third party application to spy on you.

How to secure your Facebook from hacking

In this technology driven world, hackers are finding their way into every social media platforms, emails, networks and other technically vulnerable systems. Social media has become an unavoidable part of human life. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular one. With millions of users worldwide, Facebook is now suffering from the plague called “Facebook hack”. Hackers mainly target the pages and profiles of popular celebrities, journalist, activist and other pages with a good number of followers. They even perform Facebook hack with business accounts, so that there are chances of getting ransom in return of the account.

But the notion that only high-profiles will be hacked is wrong. Hackers target all users, even the common people. Some do it for financial gain but some just do it to annoy people. Reports show that most of the threat actors hack Facebook to extract personal information.

Facebook hacking is nothing but trying to gain unauthorized access of a person account and using them in a way beneficial for the hackers. They misuse the personal information in the account and use them to compromise more accounts.

How does hacking work?

Is Facebook hacking an easy task? On a general base, it is not a difficult task. Technological advancement has helped toddlers to perform hacking and gain unauthorized access to Facebook accounts and steal personal data. Even if you steal someone’s mail ID and password to gain the access, it is considered as hacking. In most of the cases, people hack your account by guessing your password. So it is advisable that you keep a strong and unpredictable password to all your accounts. If you have linked your email with Facebook care should be taken because if one platform is compromised, you will lose both of them.

Facebook hacking is commonly done by using phishing technique, spams, Trojan Horses and Spyware. Sometimes your device will be secured by strong antivirus software, in such situations hackers use some of the sophisticated techniques to get into your system and then hack your Facebook.

How to protect yourself from Facebook hacking?

The only way to protect yourself from Facebook hacking is by staying cautious and alert. Try to add security to your device and account online. The first and the foremost step is to create a strong password for your Facebook as well as email. Password should be a combination of letter, number, signs and any special characters. If you wish to check your password strength, try checking it with the Microsoft password strength checker:

Another method to implement online security is by installing a good spyware protector. There are a lot of anti-spyware software available in the market and you can choose the best one for your use.

In addition, approach things through your common sense and avoid pages and links which you don’t find OK. Try to avoid giving out your personal information in Facebook and other social media platforms. When you come across links in email and Facebook, try to check the authenticity even if it is from your friend. Never open links from unknown origin. Check you spam protector and keep it up to date so that you can avoid the possibility of a Facebook hack. If you are login in through a browser, it shows a padlock icon for secure logins, if it is not visible never proceed with the login.

Choose your friends carefully. When you receive friend request from a stranger, try to ignore them. Cross-check the profile and if you are having more than one mutual friend & if the profile looks genuine, you can accept them. But if the profile looks fishy and if you are having a gut feeling about the profile, delete the request.

Once you are done using Facebook, try to log out. Never leave your Facebook page open as it can lead to Facebook hacking.

Common Facebook problems and what to do if you are a victim of Facebook hack?

With billions of users around the world, Facebook is the leading social media platform. Like any other social media platform, Facebook is also susceptible to hacking and cyber threats. Most of the problems faced by Facebook are repeated ones and are more common than others.

Let’s discuss some common Facebook problems and the ways to resolve them.

Unable to log into Facebook

This is one of the common problems which every one of us has faced once in a while. This problem mainly arises when you use wrong login credentials to login. It can be that you forgot your password or you might be careless while entering the ID or password. If you are having problem with the password, click “forgot password” which leads you to another tab where you have to enter your email ID linked with Facebook. Facebook sends a confirmation message to your mail where you can set a new password for your account.

Sometimes, you cannot login to your account when your Facebook is hacked. The hacker might have changed the password. So even if you enter the correct password, it will show “wrong password”.

When you have no idea about the username, password and email address, try to contact the Facebook help team and they will help you to recover your account.

Facebook keeps on logging you out

This is one of the oldest problems faced by Facebook users. Here Facebook keeps on logging you out even without a trigger. This is an irritating problem when you are in the middle of some important conversations. You feel uncomfortable because the opposite person may think you are busy with something else. The problem arises due to bandwidth issue. The possible solution is to remove all the running applications from the background.

Facebook hacking

When your Facebook has been hacked, you start to see new posts in your timeline which you are unaware of and you will see messages and vulgar contents sent to your friends without your knowledge. Sometimes the message will contain some links or attachments that are infected. If any of your friends open them, then their account will also be compromised. These are the common activities done by the hackers using remotely deployed spy tools. When your Facebook is hacked, either you can’t access your account or the app updates itself without any authorization. If you feel that your Facebook is hacked, contact the customer care instantly. Meanwhile if you still can access your account, try to pass the information to your friends that your account is hacked. Request them not to take any post or messages from your account seriously.

Text repetition

This is one of the existing problems in Facebook. It doesn’t harm you until it blocks you from sending other messages. If it’s occurring multiple times, it must be considered a serious issue. The solution is simple; you just have to exit from all the extra programs that can affect your bandwidth. Even after trying out this method, the problem still persist then immediately contact the technical team of Facebook and request them to fix the issue.

If you have encountered Facebook hacking or email phishing, you may know about the annoyances and spams it causes. A hacked Facebook account or an email could result in the leakage of all your personal information and financial details.

If you ever get the feeling that your account is hacked, follow the given steps:

  • Contact the account providers: If your Facebook, email or any other social media sites are hacked, immediately click the “help” or “Contact us” page. In most of the cases they help to retrieve your account and change your password.
  • Contact the bank: If you have made purchases through Facebook or any other social media platforms and you came to know it is fraud, contact your bank or the credit card company.
  • Contact your friends: When you come to know that your Facebook is hacked, inform all your friends and family members in Facebook that your account has been hacked. You must also put this information in every groups and communities where you are a member and request them to avoid all the messages and post coming from your profile.

Things to do when you find your Facebook is hacked

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where most of the people around the world spend time to communicate with each other, share ideas, market products etc. Precisely Facebook is heading to 2 million users and the data Facebook servers are handling now are huge. Piling up informations can lead to the possibility of Facebook hacking as well as phishing attacks. Facebook can become addiction and addicted users tend to share each of their activities and status on Facebook, paving way to something which is bigger than a Facebook hack.

Once you get the sign that your Facebook account has been hacked change the password of your account as well the email account linked to the account. This can save you from immediate recurrences. The efficient way to check whether your Facebook has been hacked is to regularly check the Facebook email and profile for any emails or posts which did not come from you. If you come across posts or link which is not posted by you, then there are chances that your Facebook account has been hacked.

Till now, we don’t have a standard sure fire way to stop Facebook hacking. The possible way is to be alert and vigilant so that you can yourself protect your account. Be cautious while adding your personal information, accepting strangers friend request and while experiencing suspicious behaviours.

Facebook hacks these days deploys viruses which makes you download something and steal your information or annoy you until you buy a product that allows them to take control over your money. Another technique is to recommend high quality products for cheaper rates so that hackers could steal your credit card details while doing the transaction.

Other Facebook hacking technique includes taking advantage of your personal bonds. Here hackers try to contact your friends or family and tell them that you are in an extreme situation and need money for help. For the receiver, it is a message from you and believing that they will instantly send money to the account hacker provide.

Once the hacker compromises an account, he sends malicious links and attachments to everyone in the friends list. Some links consists of a marketing product or sometimes they may be a video. You can clearly understand that it is a fake link by analysing the grammar and spelling of the message. Be careful while you are dealing with messages containing links and attachments, even if they are coming from trusted friends. Some links are embedded with malicious malwares and virus that can damage your system.

When you understand that you Facebook account is hacked, follow the given steps:

  • Check the Facebook information page for resolving the problem.
  • Check your mail. If you are still able to access your login email address, then you can utilize the “Forgot password” option for sending an email from Facebook. With the reset code in the email, you can rest your Facebook account.
  • Delete all existing browser cache including history and cookies.
  • The possibility of Facebook hack can come from a phishing website, worm or any other malicious software. To make sure that you are safe, check the “warnings” section in Facebook.

When you are handling Facebook, you should be careful and attentive. Hackers are out there to take advantage of your weakness. Give priority to your intuitions and if you don’t feel something is not OK, ignore it. By doing so you are neglecting the traps laid by the hackers to hack your Facebook account.

Action1 endpoint security; protection like never before!

Action1 is a specially designed cloud based endpoint security software which helps you to easily observes and manage all the endpoints that is established across your company’s network in real time. Action1 endpoint management helps you with all the necessary information about all the software and hardware assets present in your network. This will also helps you to identify any spy tools such as egspy which were remotely deployed on your device to access your personal data.

 If there is any outdated software present within your network, Action1 allows you to discover them instantly. They also provide warning on installed/uninstalled software and deals with the configuration of endpoints. With Action1, you can also look into important updates and patches when they are released. Once they are identified, they are installed on the endpoints which help you to record the usages and activities.

Action1 can be used to manage endpoints on your network instantly and conveniently from the cloud. With this application you can remotely position the softwares, updates and vulnerability patches at different workstations and endpoint devices at the same time. Using Action1 you can perform system reboots, terminate process and take out unnecessary programs. Action1 is powered with RESTful API which allows you to combine the software with other systems of the organization.

Subscription plans

Developers provide Action1 in two different versions; a free and a paid version. With free version you can check all the softwares installed across your network, study about the missing updates and customize reports.

The paid version allows you to execute actions on the basis of real-time information about endpoints including installation and uninstallation of software, establishing updates and patches and efficiently running scripts.


  • Real-time endpoint data
  • Patch management
  • Software and hardware Inventory
  • RESTful API
  • Warnings
  • Software Deployment
  • Configuration management
  • Natural language Querying


Identify and Assess vulnerabilities

Action1 is the easiest and the effective way to find and analyse vulnerabilities present in your network. By just searching for the queries, you will be able to access real-time data of all the software and hardware assets present in your company’s network.

With Action1 you can locate endpoint devices, find out the applications and software installed and the programs running in the background. They also help you to receive instant update information for your software and hardware assets. You can check which Windows update and security patches have been used in your workstation and which version of the software is installed on your endpoint devices. You can also cross-check the current configurations of the devices. Action1 provides real time alerts and notifications based on the events and incidents within your network. They also assist you to find the vulnerabilities in your network which can lead to data theft and cyber-attacks. So you can easily identify endpoints which consist of outdated programs or the ones which is missing critical updates and patches.

Manage Endpoints Remotely

Action1 is an efficient software which can manage employees working abroad, people working outside the office or travelling. They are a cloud based system which allows you to check and manage devices used by the employees directly from the web. With this software you can manage functions, tasks and the processes on the endpoint devices. Using this software you can handle software packages, Widows updates and security patches across different devices.

Action1 functions by using intelligent software agents so that you don’t get troubled with bandwidth issues or while deploying software updates on endpoints. These agents download part by part of the large software package and distribute it to every other device.

Using Action1, you can configure endpoint devices, destroy processes and safeguard the device from TCP/IP ports from the web. You can also monitor the activities of the endpoint devices and fix issues in an effective way.

Enhance Your IT processes

With the assistance of RESTful API, you can combine different tools used in IT processes including Splunk, Cisco, Amazon web services etc. This makes the process easier and convenient. Using the web console feature you can complete complicated task easily without switching between devices.

You subscribe Action1 RMM for Rs.75/month. Before subscribing you can try the free version to know about the software.

How to understand you are in an unhealthy relationship?

Being in relationship is easy but maintaining a healthy relationship is a cumbersome process. A relationship is something which should be enjoyable and have fulfilling experience. A healthy relationship is where your partner supports you and accepts you for who you are. When you are with the right person, you feel safe and comfortable; they will always be honest with you. The main qualities of a healthy relationship are equality, trust and mutual respect where both the partners honour each other choices and boundaries.

When you are in an unhealthy relationship, your partner starts to dominate you. They start acting jealous, possessive and they never respect your boundaries.

Check how often you are criticized

No one is perfect. Everyone has one or the other weak points which they need to improve upon. Sometimes you may have some habits that irritate your partner. However there is a huge difference between showing your frustration and critically outright.

Consider who you turn to for emotional support

When you are in a healthy relationship, you should be able to support each other mentally and emotionally. When it is an unhealthy one, people start to behave cold and stop caring for your feelings and needs. If you are having a bad day, you might feel hesitant to go and talk to them because you very well know that they are not going to help you to get out of that situation. When you face any problem in life and the first person you go to is a friend or a family member and not your partner, you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Evaluate your trust level

When you start having trust issues with your partner, then it can be a sign that the relationship is turning into an unhealthy one. Trust issues can be due to many things; it can be financial matters, relationship with others etc. Sometimes it can be the matter of loyalty. You will start feeling suspicious that they are faithful to you or not. It may depend on things that happened in the past.

Feeling controlled

In a healthy relationship, your partner will always wish you to have your own life and independent interest. Whereas in toxic relationship your partner will try to take control over your dreams and interests. They can control you in many ways. They will tell you how you should dress and how you should not. They will start involving in your hobbies and friends circle. A controlling partner will always want you all to themselves.

Analyse the support you receive

If your partner is not happy for your success and they are feeling bad when something good happens to you, then it is the beginning of a negative relationship. In toxic relationship, you partner will be disheartened by your success. They will look into your goals and dreams as an aspect to seek attention. They start to demotivate you when you going to achieve your goal, they will tell negative things which dishearten you and lead you to failure.

Manipulative behaviours

In every unhealthy relationship, there is some manipulation happening. This can happen when your partner does things to try to get you do what they want. Some of the commonly shown manipulative behaviours include:

  • Never listening to your talks and maintaining silent treatment.
  • Try to over burden you using facts and statistics.
  • Shouting or screaming at you.
  • Pressurizing you to take decisions which are favourable to them.
  • Belittling you
  • Judging and criticizing
  • Blaming you for their failures.

Google Docs

Whether for business projects or personal work, we always make use of word processors. Most of the people commonly use Microsoft Word or Pages to complete their work. But apart from these two softwares, there are other third-party word processing softwares that give better result than these platforms.

Yes, we are talking about Google Docs. Google Docs is one of the best word processing applications which is helpful for individual as well as collaborative projects. Google Docs is available for free and they can be used by many users of an organization at a time. For each user, Google has allotted 15GB of free storage space that can accommodate thousands of pages. If you need more sophisticated features and more storage space then you can upgrade them to Google Workspace subscription plan. The Workspace plans starts at Rs.446.89 per month and they provide maximum storage limit with upgraded features like video calls, customizable business emails and group based security policies.

But, if you need to do simpler projects, then the free version of Docs can complete the work.


Google Docs has a powerful collection of tools and features that helps you in editing and customizing the text. Starting from setting the font size and type, they consist of robust features like automatic formatting which is supported by Google Translate. While considering other word processing platforms, Google Docs provides real time editing and collaboration facilities. You can directly share the document with other users or create link through which others can access the document. There are options in Docs to create shared folders so that you can grant access to your document for multiple users.

Shared data can be accessed up to 100 users at a time. If one user has made changes in the document, then it will have variations in the shared document. If any such variations are made, then it will be recorded and can be viewed from the edit history. Every works performed in the cloud are stored in the cloud by default. So even if you are offline, you can view them and edit them.

The interface of Docs is simple and user-friendly. Anyone with the basic knowledge of Word can handle Docs easily. The toolbar consists of quick features that help you to make variations in fonts, spacing option, listing and other common features. Google Docs is also available as an application for both Android and iOS.

The major disadvantage of Google Docs is that they does not support file conversions and when compared to Microsoft Word they does not have much features. While handling Google Docs, in case you face any issues, you have informative support options.

Google Docs is a safe platform to work but still there are some weak points you need to be aware of. First, when you create link to share a document, they become vulnerable and whoever gets the link will have access to the document. For improving the security, try to activate two-factor authentication for your Google account.

While comparing with other word processing platforms, Google Docs does not have many tools or features but their instant sharing option and collaboration tools makes them the best among other alternatives.


  • It works with almost all file formats
  • Files can be downloaded in various formats
  • Finished works are automatically saved to your Google account
  • Has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Instant sharing option and privacy protection


  • The working speed depends upon your internet connection
  • You have to login to use it
  • They lack some advanced formatting and styling options
  • Uploading other document files can sometimes leads to missing or changed formatting


  • Business Starter plan – Rs.125
  • Business Standard plan – Rs.672
  • Business Plus plan – Rs.1, 260

ZOHO Inventory

Whenever a business is concerned, Inventory management plays an important part. So Zoho has developed “Zoho Inventory” that offers all the software components required for a business. Some of them include marketing tools, email options, project management, CRM, app builder etc. Zoho’s inventory tools can be used to boost the business.

Zoho Inventory is mainly used by small scale companies. It is a control tool which is used to reinforce basic inventory practices including periodic inventory management and first in first out (FIFO). Rather than inventory tools, Zoho Inventory provides advanced features like inventory ratio management, warehouse tracking system, order fulfilment etc.

You should regularly check the turnover ratio in Zoho Inventory which helps you to decide the current status of your business. Other than the basic requirements, Zoho also provide detailed and subtle inventory features. They successfully work with web browsers and are compatible with Android and iOS mobile applications.


Zoho Inventory features mainly consists of management modules for accurate inventory control, easy tracking, vendor management and reporting and analysis dashboard. Some advanced features has been added to Zoho Inventory in their latest update including order tracking, estimation, inventory reorders and shipping management.

Inventory control

Inventory control help you to create and enhance sales strategies, control and automate product reorders and so on. Inventory control provides you time to time update of the sales across different places. With these data, your employees can take quick decisions and save the company from loss.

They help you to arrange data such as product price, quantity, margin, location, SKU etc. You can track the variations in product using custom attributions like colour, warehouse location etc. Zoho Inventory also helps to club different items together to sell it as a single product. By using this technique, you can control the margins. Another useful option in Inventory control is ‘barcode scanning’ which helps you to save time and avoid human error while checking the products in and out of the warehouse.

Warehouse management

The ability to manage the warehouse makes us successful in inventory strategies. Using the inventory system you can handle multiple warehouses at a time. Tracking the quantity of products present in each warehouse allows you to optimize you stock level and fulfil customer order.

This feature is a boon for store keepers and store managers as they can easily track where the products are flowing so that order requirements are met. They also give you a clear picture of the product movement from the warehouse till the customers end. This can result in improved customer experience. Warehouse management gives you a correct picture of the products distributed across different locations.

Multi-channel selling

You can combine Zoho inventory with other marketing sites for sales and adjust inventory quantities in real time which means you can manage, control and measure the sales across these online shopping platforms. Linking your business with multiple platforms can be done easily with Zoho Inventory and it helps you to monitor sales and coordinate fulfilment.

Using multi-channel selling feature, you can buy and sell products across multiple currencies. They have the option to convert product orders and sales into your base currency.

Order management

Order management allows you to analyse sales and purchase orders in different stores where you supply your products, make sure that your product are well maintained & packed and gives precise regular updates. Order management help you to store all your orders in a convenient back-end platform.

Order fulfilment

Here you can get all the information you want to get a sales order. They help you to organize your workflow and support packaging and shipping process. They assist you to create reorder points so that you can restock on popular products. Using order fulfilments you can pack the right product, make packing slips and choose the method of shipping.

Zoho Inventory provides easy to work platforms. Every feature is available in the module of the home screen. Using this software, you can monitor your business performance and see what can be done to make it even better.


Zoho inventory has a free plan as well as three paid plans. With free plan, you can manage up to 20 online and offline orders, track shipments, labels and other functions. With the free plan, you can cap 20 orders per month. The three paid plans are available in the price range of Rs.2, 911, Rs.5, 897 and 14, 856, where you can order and track 1, 500, 10, 000 and 30, 000 products respectively.