Emotional needs in a relationship

Emotional needs in a relationship

Other than love, there are various needs required for a relationship to sustain. It can be physical, emotional and mental. Only if these needs are met, your relationship will stay healthy and will last long. Here were focussing about the emotional needs.

Every individual has their own emotional needs. Feelings like affection, care, security and appreciation are some of the simple needs that people wish to receive from a relationship. The strength of relationship can create a huge difference whether you both get your needs met.

Even though people and relationship are different, these basic emotional needs are those which everyone wishes to receive from their partner.


Affection can vary for different people. Some of the common ones include:

  • Physical touch
  • Caring and loving words
  • Kind gestures
  • Sexual intimacy

Affection is an important emotional need with increases the bond strength and closeness between the partners. Not everyone is good at expressing their emotions. Some may have love for you, but will not be able to express what they want and what they feel. This is where understanding comes into existence. The opposite person must try to understand the person and his weakness about feelings. Never end the relationship because you are not getting what you need. There are people who never say “I love you” but shows them through their actions and behaviours.


Knowing your partner in depth and accepting them in the way they are is one of the greatest achievements in a relationship. When you accept them as a whole, it creates a sense of belonging in a relationship. It does not work by just accepting them; you must prove that they are worth for your love and theirs in return. The response from you, when they show their vulnerabilities and weakness to you is an important step towards intimate relationship. Once you believe that these flaws can be fought together, your relation starts blooming.


According to the studies, partners feel it important to share the same wavelength. There are situations when you partner does not understand your perspective completely and this might lead you to feel misunderstood. If they don’t respect your feelings and emotions you may feel offended and ignored. Even though both of you have validation, and these kinds of things happen in your relationship, they your interest towards the relation will be off. If you constantly feel unheard or invalidated, just address the issue with your partner and find a proper solution.


Security of a relationship can depend on many factors:

  • Respect each other’s boundaries.
  • Feeling safe to share every intimate feeling.
  • Having physical security.
  • The belief that they will support your decisions and choices.


Security and trust are interconnected. You can’t have the feeling of security without a person whom you don’t trust. Once you develop trust on someone, you will be sure that, they will stand for you and protect you in any situation. Never doubt your partner just because they don’t communicate with you time or they stay out late without any explanation. You must understand one thing that relationship is not their world; they have a life outside relationship. Never try to control your partner and never break the trust for the silly issues that your evil mind suggests.


Every person loves to believe that they are the first priority to their partners after they meet their own needs. There can be circumstances where, a friend or a family member is their first priority. During that time you can have insecurity feelings and jealousy. You may even think that why they even bother with a relationship. These are tough situations and you need to sort this out. Try talking to them and understand that why you are not their first priority. Never talk in a rude tone. There can be valid reasons why they are their first priority. Try to understand them, sort things out.


In a relationship people should feel connected to each other. It is common that you don’t do everything together. There can be differences in interest. But they should be some things that help you connect with each other. Without connections, relationships are failure. With proper bond, it can feel lonely when you both indulge in some activities. It will start to feel like you are just two strangers in a relationship without connection. Feel connected and stay happy.

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