Defend Facebook hack; tips to save your account

As regular users of Facebook, we would have heard or experienced Facebook hack once in our lifetime. Not all hacks are serious ones. Some people just hack your Facebook account for fun; it can even be your friends who are mocking you. But, there is Facebook hack that leads to very serious problems like financial loss or personality destruction. Serious Facebook hack is carried out against established individuals, famous personalities, activists, etc. These are organized and structured attacks. In either way, the hacker takes up your account using some tricks and techniques.

As we all know, Facebook is the least secure platform when it comes to privacy. Even Facebook has agreed to the fact that they are using the personal information of the users for advertisement purposes. To be more precise, the developers are failing to establish a strong privacy policy that defends all types of Facebook hack. The vulnerabilities in each update are utilized by the threat actors to compromise accounts. With the ever-increasing number of Facebook users, hackers are trying to capitalize on this growth by introducing new techniques.

Out of the 2 billion users on Facebook, almost a quarter of them are fake accounts created by hackers to trick users and compromise their accounts. Experts estimate that around 160,000 Facebook accounts are being hacked every day and millions of accounts are being subjected to data exposure. Once the hacker gets hold of your account, they will utilize them to steal your identity, contact your friends, spread scams, and send infected files.

To make sure that your data does not fall into the hands of hackers, you should follow certain security steps.

Signs that you are trapped in Facebook hack

There are some prominent signs which make you understand that your account has been hacked.

  • Messages sent to different friends without your knowledge.
  • Suspicious posts in your timeline
  • Change in the personal information
  • Friend request sent to strangers
  • An impersonated account with your name and photos.

If you come across any of these, there are chances that your account is hacked. If your account is hacked, you can check it using a simple way. Click on “Settings” and then click “Security”. From the tab that appears, choose “Login”. This will display the information of all the devices and locations from which your account has been accessed. To make these logins suspicious, just click the “Not You” tab.

Protect your account from Facebook hack

Create a strong and complex password

You should create a strong password that consists of more than 8 characters and has a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and special symbols. Make sure your password is so complex that Facebook hack cannot get hold of them. If you have a problem remembering the password, try to install a password manager. They will help you to create and preserve passwords with full security.

Activate two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a technique that helps to protect your account from Facebook hack. Once you enable two-factor authentication, they build an extra layer of security for your account. Even if the hackers guess your login ID and password, with two-factor authentication activated, they can’t get into your account. To activate two-factor authentication, go to “settings” and click “Security and login”. There you can see “Two-factor authentication”. Just click on to edit and set them activated.

Never accept friend requests from strangers

Never accept the friend request from people who are total strangers to you. They can be hackers and once you accept their request, they will leak all your personal details, contact lists, and social activity. They will use this information in the future to create a duplicate account impersonating you.

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