Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite is a cloud based productivity suite which includes applications like Google Docs and Google Slides. Workspace has also included chat and video conferencing feature due to the increased work from home pattern. Google is planning to add more features to this in the coming months.

G Suite is basically a collection of cloud-based tools including word processor & Spreadsheet manager so as to ease the burden of employees and increase productivity of the organization. You can own Goggle Workspace for Rs.1, 944.65. In the past few years, G Suite has owned a remarkable milestone and it became one of the best office softwares suites available in the market. G Suite provides an effective support system and a cloud-based working environment. You can work with G Suite even if you are offline, but they are solely designed for the purpose of online workflows.


Google Workspace is a productivity platform where multiple applications are roofed under the same roof.

The most popular communication tool used in Google Workspace is Gmail. They are used by users all over the world for business and non-business purposes. According to an estimate there are around 1.8 billion people using Gmail. Apart from just being a service provider, Gmail has the ability to analyse algorithms and artificial intelligence. You have a feature in Gmail called “smart compose” which helps you with suggestions on the basis of your working style, they predict what you are about to write so that it helps you to save time and process emails quickly.

Gmail contains updated spam filters which help to keep away infected and junk emails from your inbox. They also provide reminders known as “nudges” that help you to be in a conversation within a loop. When mails pile up in your inbox, Gmail sorts each mail in various categories depending upon the nature of the message, using the algorithm technique. Gmail also provides an offline feature where you receive the mails without internet connection. You can access Gmail on your system, phones and tablets.

Another feature available in Google Workspace is Google Docs. It is a cloud based word processing application mainly used for official purposes. They consist of a pendant text editor which helps you work in online environment. The promising features of Goggle Docs are cloud synchronization and the capability to share files. Docs are readily available in mobile version as well as web-based application. Using Docs, you can insert photos, make changes in the font size, insert tables in documents and share the work with other users. You also get a translation tool along with the other features that helps to convert text into different languages.

Google Sheets are spread sheet management tool provided by Google Workspace. You can share your Google Sheets documents to anyone at any time. The shareability feature is supported by cloud services using a common link. Any user can access the documents using the link and make changes in them. Unlike Docs, Sheets require a minimum experience to work with. It still has an easy and simple interface and is straightforward to use compared to Microsoft Excel.

To deal with creation and presentation of data, Google Slides can help you. They are mainly utilized by business organizations and educational institutions. They contain animation and graphic tool which help you to make your presentation lively and attractive. There are options to include photos and videos in your slide so that you can convey the information easily. You can also choose different templates according to your needs. For data analysis, you can include bar graphs and pie charts.

Google Keep is a form of digital notebook where you can stores important notes and data. This is a completely free application but there are premium versions for those who are looking for extra storage and support. Unfortunately, there is no direct sharing option in Google Keep, but you can share them through email.

There are other applications available under Google Workspace including Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google currents, Google forms, Google sites, Google App Script, Google Calendar, Google Jamboard, Google Vault and Google Cloud Search.

Advantages of Google Workspace

  • Convenience
  • User friendly
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Cloud based
  • Variety of applications
  • Plenty of storage space
  • integrations

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