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Best Way to Hack Facebook Account Online

In this blog we introduce you to the best and proven methods which are used to hack Facebook accounts online. We will then take you to stepwise guidelines on how to use these methods. Also we will introduce you to ready to use tools which relay on these methods to hack an individual account on Facebook.com.

There is only one reason due to which people want to look into someone else Facebook account.

  1. To know whether your partner have an extra affair
  2. When you get suspicious about your friends/partners activity on Facebook.

Facebook relay on high end security systems to keep their accounts safe from getting hacked. So you need to understand that it is almost impossible for a non-technical person to find a loop hole on Facebook application.

In this case there are only two methods that can be used to trick a Facebook user and then hack in to their Facebook accounts. Which are,

  1. Facebook account hacking with the help of a Key logger
  2. Use phishing to hack a Facebook account online.

An online implementation of both these methods are available to use on https://www.egurupassword.com. You can use this website to try hacking into a Facebook account in less than few minutes. The website is having a very useful and friendly interface. They have integrated the hacking methods to the back end of the website.

Facebook account hacking using Key logger.

A key logger is a malware which can intrude in to a third-party device. Once activated the malware can then copy the inputs received on the device. For ex: if you type a message on Facebook messenger, it will then copy on to the key logger. Which mean even though you type in a username and password, it will get copied to the key logger. The copied details can be received through your email. Now let’s check how to implement a key logger to hack a Facebook account.

Choose a key logger from internet and download it.

hack Facebook

 The initial step is to search and find a key logger. You can easily find a list of key-loggers on the internet. We can take ardamax.com as an example. It is easy to use and a free version is available as well.

Create a remote deployment of key logger

Here comes a complicated part of the hacking Facebook account using a key logger. Usually the key logger can be deployed in two ways. You can either deploy it directly on to the device or you can deploy it remotely. If you have direct access to the device, then you may prefer to install it directly on to the target device. Use your email id to configure the key logger and set a frequency for receiving emails from the key logger. Once installed you can monitor the logs received on your email to sort out the username and password.

hack Facebook account

The widely used method to hack into a remote Facebook account is to create a remote deployment for the key logger. In this part you will configure the key logger based on the information you want to collect from the device. This can be keyboard entries, screenshots etc…

Once configured, you can then generate an transmittable file of the key logger. This is then combined with a text file, email or to an image. There is a separate process to compile the transmittable key logger file with an text file or with an image. This step may find hard in the process of Facebook hacking.

Once combined the remote deployment is ready to send. You can then this deployment via an email, text message or as a clickable link. You should attach attractive text within the email which will prompt the user to download the file or to click on the link.

Once downloaded the key logger will be activated instantly and start to copy the texts immediately from the device. You can use the collected text inputs to sort the needful data. This can be then used to get access to the a Facebook account. Hacking using a remote deployment is the most used Facebook hacking method. It will take just few hours for you to hack a FB account online using this method.

Hacking Facebook account

A real working version of hacking Facebook using key logger can be found on this website. The website integrates the remote deployment method. This online system will locate Hts-log files on the account in a matter of time. They will then decrypt the collected information and get you the login information.

How to use Phishing as Facebook hack Method

Another common method which is used to hack FB accounts online is Phishing. As the name suggest this method involves tricking the user to use something else instead of the original one. Hacking Facebook account using Phishing involves the creation of a fake Facebook login page. The hacker will then direct the users to this fake page and collect the login information.

Creating a Phishing page

Facebook hacking

This step involves the creation of a fake Facebook login page which closely resembles the original Facebook login page. Using HTML coding and some styling, a normal person can create a Phishing page. A very simple way is to right click on the real Facebook login page and then check the source code. Copy the entire source code and paste it on to a index text file.

Make source page edits to capture the input entries

You have to change few codes on the source page to re-direct the input entries into your database. This will be tricky to do. Using these codes you can create a temporary log file on your website database. This temporary file is called as log files. This log file will contain the username and password typed by the user.

Facebook Hacking

You can check the log file within the database to collect the username and password. This can be used to hack in to the target’s Facebook account. A basic knowledge of coding in HTML and CSS is required to learn this type of Facebook hacking.

A Ready to use tool to Hack Facebook Account online

We would like to introduce you an online implementation of the above methods. The website application will work based on the above two methods. You can simply visit the website and enter the details of the Facebook account to be hacked.

Website: https://www.egurupassword.com


an affordable online service aiming ordinary people who want to hack Facebook accounts. We developed a custom Facebook hacking application, especially for hacking Facebook accounts. We are continually upgrading this application to avoid conflicts with the highly secured Facebook servers.

Hope this post was helpful to provide you with information about hacking in to a Facebook account. The above two methods are considered as the best useable methods for Facebook hacking. We appreciate your valuable feedbacks about this post.