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Hacking a Facebook Account Online

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  • eGuru online services Provide an online portal for users who wish to hack a Facebook account. The complete hacking process will be done online. After hacking the account, the username and password will be sent to the user's email id.

Hack a Facebook Account Now!

We have used the most advanced methods to develop an offline tool to hack fb passwords. Our hack methods are undetectable and highly confidential.

Our Objectives

  • Vision: To provide needy users with an easy to use offline utility tool for hacking Facebook accounts.
  • Mission: Continue to provide sustainable hacking support for online users. Make periodic improvements to eguru fb scraper tool so as to make our service even easier.

Facebook Hacking - An Analysis

  • There is an increase in the number of users who want to hack a Facebook account.
  • Cheating in relationships is the most common reason behind the rapid increase in hacking requests.
  • Facebook messenger is one of the leading services used for online chatting.
  • There is no legit service available online to hack Facebook accounts. All the services listed are either meant for advertisement or survey filling purposes.
  • Most of the hacking service websites online are used for PPC based revenue generation. In fact, they cannot provide a genuine Facebook hacking service.

Hack Facebook Password in just 3 steps. Try now!
No, Fill up/Survey required to hack Facebook accounts.

1. Copy the exact FB URL and Paste it on to the form below.

2. Enter your email id and along with any message that you have and Submit the details.

3. Please wait while we hack the hts-log file of the Facebook account.

4. Unlock the Hts-Log file. Copy and use the access details. That's it. Facebook hacking is done.

What is the scope of our Service

  • To provide high quality online hacking tools ( #egurufbscraper ) for users and help them to get the access to required Facebook account.
  • Accept Facebook hack requests from online users and to use the received information to hack a specific Facebook account.
  • Hack the username and password of the target Facebook account using eguru fb scraper.
  • Upon successful hacking, send the username and password of the hacked Facebook account to the user's email id.

Is Hacking Facebook really feasible?

  • There are numerous vulnerabilities on either the Facebook application or to the device from which the Facebook account is being accessed. If used correctly, one can easily gain access to the confidential data related to a specific account.
  • We are specialized in defining and finding network vulnerabilities of Facebook application. We use these vulnerabilities to hack Facebook password
  • We have developed a custom hack module within the eguru fb scraper tool to identify these vulnerabilities. We use various device exploits to get back door access to the confidential Facebook account data.

What are the pre-requisites required to hack a Facebook account?

  • The exact Facebook Profile ID is the most important thing which we need to hack FB account. The URL needs to be copied from the browser. From the URL the profile id can be found easily.
  • Any information such as the name of the device or a phone number related to the account is helpful.
  • User's Email Id to send the username and password of the hacked account.
Facebook URL
Facebook URL

What is our process?

  • As we said, we exploit network & device vulnerabilities to get access to real-time account login sessions.
  • Upon getting access to the network or device, eguru fb scraper will hack the HTS-Log file of the Facebook account.
  • HTS log files are temporary text files. These files will be created in order to match the entered username and password with that on the account's database.
  • As soon as a network login session is approved by the server, the tool will hack the log file from the network. We will then download the files from the tool and use the same to get access to the Facebook account.
  • If you prefer an alternate way, there is a way to hack Facebook using our keylogging method. Using a our eGspy keylogger is a popular method to hack a Facebook account.
Facebook URL

How much time is required to hack a Facebook password?

  • Initially, the tool look for any existing password log file of the account. If it is located, then the same file needs to be decrypted. Altogether a hack request can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes using eguru fb scraper.
  • If the password Log- file is not located on the initial attempt, it may take additional time to find an old password log file. Depend upon the availability of password log files, a complex hack request can take up to 24 to 48 hours.
  • Additional time frame is a must in case of additional effort requiered. Additional efforts for database scraping must be required to find a specific password log file.

Is any guideline required to locate the hacked details on hts log file?

  • After downloading the password file, you can easily found a text file named "HTS-Log" with in the files.
  • We will provide a complete guideline so that users can use it for future references.

Is there any assistance available after delivering the hacked password?

  • Yes. Online assistance is available 24/7 to clarify any of your questions or if you need any assistance while using the egur fb scraper tool.
  • You can easily contact our support center for any guidelines or assistance.

Is there an option to trail the Service?

  • Yes. You can trail our FB hack tool eGuru FB scraper.
  • You can hack any 3 Facebook accounts you need within the trial period of 3 days.

Submit a Request

  • Please proceed and submit a request to hack Facebook online. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Hack Facebook Password Now

Why our service?

  • Quick hack process. Completed within minutes with high accuracy rate.
  • 100% safe Facebook account hack tool and online service.
  • Remote process and private servers which are undetectable.
  • More than 9k Facebook Accounts hacked successfully last month.
  • Facebook hacking tool which uses the latest network session scraping method.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed so that you can be completely anonymous.
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eGuru provides a linear Facebook hack service that is structured to provide a safe and quick hacking service. We are continually upgrading our custom made eguru fb scraper tool to be undetectable and to be highly available without any fault.

We conduct highly customized online FB hacking assignments aimed at aligning our client’s trust, confidentiality, and security goals with extreme care. Our experienced and well-networked hacking professionals employ a high-quality, targeted, and consultative approach to each hack FB request, thereby enabling our clients to repeatedly use our service for their hacking requirements.

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