Zoho campaigns

Zoho campaigns

 Zoho campaign is a feature rich software used for email marketing. They can be used by all types of business; large scale, medium scale and small scale. They support you with list management, automation, report tracking etc. Campaign is a cost-efficient email marketing application that helps your business grow and reach more number of people. For the ease of work, they contain predefined templates and drag & drop editor which helps in creating responsive & attractive email campaigns. Zoho helps you in the automation of the entire campaigning process and to create a plan on how to conduct the campaign.

They are developed to boost the sales and increase the customer base of a business. They ensure your business expands and ends up having broadloom connection with other third-party applications like YouTube, Facebook etc. Most of the people use this application to optimize the work flow, activate auto responders and follow up of business. They help to make email interactions more engaging and lively.


  • Helps to create attention grabbing newsletters: building Zoho campaigns can be done instantly using the drag and drop feature. You have the freedom to customize the layout and interface of the campaign. You have wide variety of inbuilt-templates that helps you to choose a preferred design and pattern for you work. There are options to add visual elements with the help of image editor. You can crop, resize, adjust and add effects to the image according to your wish.
  • Handling subscriber management: adding subscribers can be done in two ways; either you add one customer at a time or else you go for streamline process when there is large number of subscribers with the help of API. There are options in Campaign to import customer details from Zoho CRM and Excel. Using Campaign you can create sign-up forms and distribute them to your audience/customers.
  • Making use of marketing automation: Campaign is developed by incorporating automation features so that a portion of your work can be assigned to the software and then you can focus on the important aspects of the marketing process. For instance, they are triggered when your business gets a new customer or when any purchase is made. Campaign responds automatically in these instances so that you don’t need to be bothered about them. There are reminder options available to notify you about birthdays, renewal dates etc. that help to keep in touch with the customers.


Email editor

Zoho Campaign contain efficient email editor feature. While creating an email, you can choose from standard templates in HTML builder which looks more professional. You can even customize the templates that suit your requirements. Apart from images, you can also add text, videos, tables, buttons and HTML snippets to make it alive. To digitalize the numeric, you can attach polls, graphs, pie charts etc. The advanced option in the email editor helps you to add dynamic content based on the recipient and their field of work.

Contact management

When you are adding contact details to your Campaigns, you can add the fields which are related to your customer. You can specify the source of contact, like from social media, through other business etc. This helps to keep an authenticity to your business. By doing so, you can successfully monitor the hypes of your campaign. When you add a contact, you should also add the following information:

  • Age and location
  • Source of the contact
  • Subscription date
  • Date of previous purchase
  • List of purchases made

Auto responders

Auto responders feature of Zoho functions by giving a set of templates on the basis of your goal and target audience. Auto responders can be triggered depending on time, season and events. They automatically send emails to the customers by analysing the content in the email.


Zoho Campaign generates reports on the basis of number of campaigns or list basis. They analyse the complete aspect of your list including campaign performance. They list the top five successful campaigns you have sent and also generate yearly performance report.

Other features

  • Landing pages for Facebook marketing
  • Imports newsletter templates
  • Social statistics
  • Syncs contacts from other Zoho applications
  • Enables chain campaigns


Zoho charges you according to the credits used.

  • 250 credits – Rs.440
  • 500 credits – Rs.875
  • 1000 credits – Rs.1, 600
  • 2000 credits – Rs.2, 920
  • 5000 credits – Rs.5, 840
  • 10,000 credits – Rs.10, 950 and so on.

You can also get the trial version w

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    Your article made me suddenly realize that I am writing a thesis on gate.io. After reading your article, I have a different way of thinking, thank you. However, I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

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