Surge in Facebook hack; public computers and privacy

Facebook is a well-established social networking site that has faced a lot of repercussions about their privacy and insecurity. Facebook hack was found to thrive on Facebook even after implementing advanced privacy policies. Hackers keep on changing the techniques to compromise accounts and use modern tricks to trap the users. The minor vulnerabilities Facebook makes in their privacy settings make hackers easily exploit them and get into the network.

Some people use public systems or networks to log into Facebook. Public systems and networks will have traps set by the hackers and while you use them, they get hold of your login credentials. Public devices often expose your username or password which helps Facebook hack to log in to your account without your consent. For instance, if you are using a public computer, you may unknowingly click on to “keep me logged in” option. So even after you log out, the login credentials will remain there and the next person who uses the system can have access to your Facebook account, it can even be a hacker. They will use your account in the way they like.

To prevent this from happening, always uncheck the keep me logged in box while logging into Facebook. If you do so, even if you have forgotten to log out and closed the entire window, the next person arriving cannot have access to your account since the password column will be blank. In this way, you can secure your account. But why take risks?  Avoid using public systems to log in to Facebook.

Nowadays, browsers have updated and they save all your passwords automatically such that you don’t have to enter them every time you try to log in. But never save your password on public systems. Once you give permission, your login details will be saved allowing anyone your Facebook account.

Privacy settings & Facebook hack

Facebook is a social media platform that collects a lot of personal information from you. Before giving out your information make sure that it stays private. Facebook updates the privacy settings regularly.

Use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication

While increasing Facebook hack, it is necessary to have a strong password and two-factor authentication. Even though it may seem obvious, it must be considered a serious issue. Also, make sure that you are not using the same password for multiple accounts. It is advised to use a password manager to safeguard your passwords.

Once you have set a complex password, enable two-factor authentication. When two-factor authentication is activated, you have to enter a generated code during the time of login.

Have a regular check on the privacy settings and tools

Facebook has categorized a different section for privacy. Here you can make changes in the privacy settings like controlling your post views, friend requests and decide what others can see on your profile. Privacy settings are a list of options that you can adjust according to your like. Mainly change your privacy setting from “public” to “private” as public accounts are always vulnerable to Facebook hack.  

Remove your past posts to avoid Facebook hack

Nowadays, after many data leaks and Facebook hack people became aware of the dangers lurking on Facebook. So they started to control the sharing of personal information. Also, it is recommended to remove the posts and contents that have information that points out your personality.

To change the settings, go to the privacy section and select, “Limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends of friends or Public?” and from the tab that appears click on “Limit the audience for old posts on your timeline.”

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