How to avoid fights in relationships

How to avoid fights in relationships?

A relationship consists of two different personalities. Both the person will have different vibe, different perspectives and different personality. So there are chances fights come up in a relationship. The main problem is that people won’t give up in a fight. They don’t think about the love they had or the feelings they shared. They just want to satisfy their ego at the moment. Constant fights may end a beautiful relationship. It could have been maintained if one person gave up. People fight over trust issues, unfulfilled expectations and compatibility.

Fights in relationships are common, but it should be healthy fights. It should not grow into larger conflicts. There are several ways to control fights and handle them with poise and understanding.

If you are tired of fighting with your partner, here are some ways to control them before it gets worse.

Dodge the defensive

It is common to become defensive during a fight. There are possibilities that you may feel your partner attacking you, blaming you for something you are unaware of. Receiving criticism or accusations from your partner in personal can increase the intensity of the fight.

Whenever you are in a fight, just evaluate the situation. Did you say anything wrong to hurt your partner? If yes, work on that to make it right. Just try to make an apology, fix what happened and communicate with them to make it right.

Stay away from the situation and stay cool

Whenever a fight happens, your emotions and thoughts become high and you fight with all your efforts to win the argument. Having a fight with this mindset can make the argument worse and mean.

When you get the feeling that the argument is becoming too heated, just step away for a while to regain your approach. Take some deep breaths to cool your mind. Sit alone for some time if necessary. Approach your partner with a fresh mind and talk about it with getting frustrated.

Fight or talk face to face

If you have an argument, argue face to face and not through texts and chats. Sometimes the tone of the texts can be misinterpreted. This may lead to more fights. When two people fight face to face, the body language of both are visible and it is easy to understand the tone. These fights can end soon than the digital fights.

Create boundaries

Fights go out of hand when you character assassin the person rather than focussing on the problem. Screaming and yelling at each without discussing about the problem can make the situation worse. When you are in an argument, just point out the problems and find a solution rather than yelling at them. Out of control behaviours can divert you from the issue and creates an unsafe space for each other which are hard to accept.

Remember why you are in a relationship

Before arguing to satisfy your ego, remember the reason which brought you together. Remember the love you shared and cherish the moments you spend together happily. Never let your partner hurt with your words due to some silly arguments. Try to give-up and end the argument to save the love between both.

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