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How to secure your Facebook from hacking

In this technology driven world, hackers are finding their way into every social media platforms, emails, networks and other technically vulnerable systems. Social media has become an unavoidable part of human life. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular one. With millions of users worldwide, Facebook is now suffering from the plague called “Facebook hack”. Hackers mainly target the pages and profiles of popular celebrities, journalist, activist and other pages with a good number of followers. They even perform Facebook hack with business accounts, so that there are chances of getting ransom in return of the account.

But the notion that only high-profiles will be hacked is wrong. Hackers target all users, even the common people. Some do it for financial gain but some just do it to annoy people. Reports show that most of the threat actors hack Facebook to extract personal information.

Facebook hacking is nothing but trying to gain unauthorized access of a person account and using them in a way beneficial for the hackers. They misuse the personal information in the account and use them to compromise more accounts.

How does hacking work?

Is Facebook hacking an easy task? On a general base, it is not a difficult task. Technological advancement has helped toddlers to perform hacking and gain unauthorized access to Facebook accounts and steal personal data. Even if you steal someone’s mail ID and password to gain the access, it is considered as hacking. In most of the cases, people hack your account by guessing your password. So it is advisable that you keep a strong and unpredictable password to all your accounts. If you have linked your email with Facebook care should be taken because if one platform is compromised, you will lose both of them.

Facebook hacking is commonly done by using phishing technique, spams, Trojan Horses and Spyware. Sometimes your device will be secured by strong antivirus software, in such situations hackers use some of the sophisticated techniques to get into your system and then hack your Facebook.

How to protect yourself from Facebook hacking?

The only way to protect yourself from Facebook hacking is by staying cautious and alert. Try to add security to your device and account online. The first and the foremost step is to create a strong password for your Facebook as well as email. Password should be a combination of letter, number, signs and any special characters. If you wish to check your password strength, try checking it with the Microsoft password strength checker: https://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/password-checker.aspx

Another method to implement online security is by installing a good spyware protector. There are a lot of anti-spyware software available in the market and you can choose the best one for your use.

In addition, approach things through your common sense and avoid pages and links which you don’t find OK. Try to avoid giving out your personal information in Facebook and other social media platforms. When you come across links in email and Facebook, try to check the authenticity even if it is from your friend. Never open links from unknown origin. Check you spam protector and keep it up to date so that you can avoid the possibility of a Facebook hack. If you are login in through a browser, it shows a padlock icon for secure logins, if it is not visible never proceed with the login.

Choose your friends carefully. When you receive friend request from a stranger, try to ignore them. Cross-check the profile and if you are having more than one mutual friend & if the profile looks genuine, you can accept them. But if the profile looks fishy and if you are having a gut feeling about the profile, delete the request.

Once you are done using Facebook, try to log out. Never leave your Facebook page open as it can lead to Facebook hacking.

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