How to treat a woman you love

How to treat a woman you love?

Treating the woman you love properly reflects your personality and character as a man. Loving someone is a deep feeling and along with that you should learn to respect them, admire them and adore them. Every woman are not the same, they have their own differences and insights. Not all women will open up to everyone. There are women who are struggling to express their views. Those women need an equal partner to hear them and understand them.

The love of a woman is so pure and incomparable. If you start loving them in a way they want to be loved, then they will be returned tenfold.

Give her directions

Show her the right path and guide them if they are wrong but never control her. Lead their way with confidence and respect. Never create a sense of self-doubt. When you are out for a dinner and while entering the restaurant, open the door and let her enter first. Support her from her back and give her a gentle push. This makes them confortable. When you are ready to order, give her the menu, let her order! These are some polite way to treat a woman.

Never lose your temper around her

Whenever any argument pops-up, try to be calm and patient with her. Conflicts are the part of a relationship but never say or act spontaneously to her because it may hurt them. As a man, you should learn to control your temper. It’s not like you should never be angry with your partner. Express your temper only when it is required, never do that all the time. When you are in a relationship, you must try to control your emotions. Insults and excess temper can cause crack in your relationship.

Be her man, not her doormat

When you are not ok with something, learn to say no. This should be acceptable vice versa too. When she says no to something, try to understand her and respect her decision. Make sure that she also respects your decisions. When you have just started the relationship, don’t instantly make them a priority. Find yourself ample time to let them slowly into your life. Similarly give them time to make you as their priority.

Give her surprises and challenge her

Give her experiences like she keeps on guessing what is next. Relationship can be compared to a roller coaster ride. They have ups, downs, twist and turns. But the ride will be fun. Once in a while take her to new places and experience new things. Give them surprises; it doesn’t matter if it is big or small. Buy them gifts and make them happy. But never over do things.

Give her compliments

Appreciate them for their achievements and compliment them if they have done something good. When you find something bad, try to give a healthy criticism.

Understand her needs

Never assume what they need, instead try to understand from them. For instance while buying a dress, try to understand their colour preference and the type, instead of selecting the one you think would suit them.

Protect them

Whatever the situation, stand up for her and it is the right thing to do. Also, you should not let others insult her or put her down. Being protected can make them feel more love and respect towards you. This doesn’t mean that even if she does something wrong, you must protect her. If you are so sure that the mistake is on her side, try to make her understand and correct her.

Listen to her, but never over talk

Whenever you are having a conversation, listen to her before giving an answer. Never interrupt while they are talking. Even though the conversation is boring, never express them. Just pay attention to them until they have finished. Show genuine interest in what they say.

Respect her parents just like yours

Show the same level of respect to her parents as you respect yours. Never talk bad about her parents, even when she is angry with them or hates them. She has the rights to talk about her parents but not you!

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