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Things to do when you find your Facebook is hacked

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where most of the people around the world spend time to communicate with each other, share ideas, market products etc. Precisely Facebook is heading to 2 million users and the data Facebook servers are handling now are huge. Piling up informations can lead to the possibility of Facebook hacking as well as phishing attacks. Facebook can become addiction and addicted users tend to share each of their activities and status on Facebook, paving way to something which is bigger than a Facebook hack.

Once you get the sign that your Facebook account has been hacked change the password of your account as well the email account linked to the account. This can save you from immediate recurrences. The efficient way to check whether your Facebook has been hacked is to regularly check the Facebook email and profile for any emails or posts which did not come from you. If you come across posts or link which is not posted by you, then there are chances that your Facebook account has been hacked.

Till now, we don’t have a standard sure fire way to stop Facebook hacking. The possible way is to be alert and vigilant so that you can yourself protect your account. Be cautious while adding your personal information, accepting strangers friend request and while experiencing suspicious behaviours.

Facebook hacks these days deploys viruses which makes you download something and steal your information or annoy you until you buy a product that allows them to take control over your money. Another technique is to recommend high quality products for cheaper rates so that hackers could steal your credit card details while doing the transaction.

Other Facebook hacking technique includes taking advantage of your personal bonds. Here hackers try to contact your friends or family and tell them that you are in an extreme situation and need money for help. For the receiver, it is a message from you and believing that they will instantly send money to the account hacker provide.

Once the hacker compromises an account, he sends malicious links and attachments to everyone in the friends list. Some links consists of a marketing product or sometimes they may be a video. You can clearly understand that it is a fake link by analysing the grammar and spelling of the message. Be careful while you are dealing with messages containing links and attachments, even if they are coming from trusted friends. Some links are embedded with malicious malwares and virus that can damage your system.

When you understand that you Facebook account is hacked, follow the given steps:

  • Check the Facebook information page for resolving the problem.
  • Check your mail. If you are still able to access your login email address, then you can utilize the “Forgot password” option for sending an email from Facebook. With the reset code in the email, you can rest your Facebook account.
  • Delete all existing browser cache including history and cookies.
  • The possibility of Facebook hack can come from a phishing website, worm or any other malicious software. To make sure that you are safe, check the “warnings” section in Facebook.

When you are handling Facebook, you should be careful and attentive. Hackers are out there to take advantage of your weakness. Give priority to your intuitions and if you don’t feel something is not OK, ignore it. By doing so you are neglecting the traps laid by the hackers to hack your Facebook account.

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