Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite is a cloud based productivity suite which includes applications like Google Docs and Google Slides. Workspace has also included chat and video conferencing feature due to the increased work from home pattern. Google is planning to add more features to this in the coming months.

G Suite is basically a collection of cloud-based tools including word processor & Spreadsheet manager so as to ease the burden of employees and increase productivity of the organization. You can own Goggle Workspace for Rs.1, 944.65. In the past few years, G Suite has owned a remarkable milestone and it became one of the best office softwares suites available in the market. G Suite provides an effective support system and a cloud-based working environment. You can work with G Suite even if you are offline, but they are solely designed for the purpose of online workflows.


Google Workspace is a productivity platform where multiple applications are roofed under the same roof.

The most popular communication tool used in Google Workspace is Gmail. They are used by users all over the world for business and non-business purposes. According to an estimate there are around 1.8 billion people using Gmail. Apart from just being a service provider, Gmail has the ability to analyse algorithms and artificial intelligence. You have a feature in Gmail called “smart compose” which helps you with suggestions on the basis of your working style, they predict what you are about to write so that it helps you to save time and process emails quickly.

Gmail contains updated spam filters which help to keep away infected and junk emails from your inbox. They also provide reminders known as “nudges” that help you to be in a conversation within a loop. When mails pile up in your inbox, Gmail sorts each mail in various categories depending upon the nature of the message, using the algorithm technique. Gmail also provides an offline feature where you receive the mails without internet connection. You can access Gmail on your system, phones and tablets.

Another feature available in Google Workspace is Google Docs. It is a cloud based word processing application mainly used for official purposes. They consist of a pendant text editor which helps you work in online environment. The promising features of Goggle Docs are cloud synchronization and the capability to share files. Docs are readily available in mobile version as well as web-based application. Using Docs, you can insert photos, make changes in the font size, insert tables in documents and share the work with other users. You also get a translation tool along with the other features that helps to convert text into different languages.

Google Sheets are spread sheet management tool provided by Google Workspace. You can share your Google Sheets documents to anyone at any time. The shareability feature is supported by cloud services using a common link. Any user can access the documents using the link and make changes in them. Unlike Docs, Sheets require a minimum experience to work with. It still has an easy and simple interface and is straightforward to use compared to Microsoft Excel.

To deal with creation and presentation of data, Google Slides can help you. They are mainly utilized by business organizations and educational institutions. They contain animation and graphic tool which help you to make your presentation lively and attractive. There are options to include photos and videos in your slide so that you can convey the information easily. You can also choose different templates according to your needs. For data analysis, you can include bar graphs and pie charts.

Google Keep is a form of digital notebook where you can stores important notes and data. This is a completely free application but there are premium versions for those who are looking for extra storage and support. Unfortunately, there is no direct sharing option in Google Keep, but you can share them through email.

There are other applications available under Google Workspace including Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google currents, Google forms, Google sites, Google App Script, Google Calendar, Google Jamboard, Google Vault and Google Cloud Search.

Advantages of Google Workspace

  • Convenience
  • User friendly
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Cloud based
  • Variety of applications
  • Plenty of storage space
  • integrations

How to treat a woman you love?

Treating the woman you love properly reflects your personality and character as a man. Loving someone is a deep feeling and along with that you should learn to respect them, admire them and adore them. Every woman are not the same, they have their own differences and insights. Not all women will open up to everyone. There are women who are struggling to express their views. Those women need an equal partner to hear them and understand them.

The love of a woman is so pure and incomparable. If you start loving them in a way they want to be loved, then they will be returned tenfold.

Give her directions

Show her the right path and guide them if they are wrong but never control her. Lead their way with confidence and respect. Never create a sense of self-doubt. When you are out for a dinner and while entering the restaurant, open the door and let her enter first. Support her from her back and give her a gentle push. This makes them confortable. When you are ready to order, give her the menu, let her order! These are some polite way to treat a woman.

Never lose your temper around her

Whenever any argument pops-up, try to be calm and patient with her. Conflicts are the part of a relationship but never say or act spontaneously to her because it may hurt them. As a man, you should learn to control your temper. It’s not like you should never be angry with your partner. Express your temper only when it is required, never do that all the time. When you are in a relationship, you must try to control your emotions. Insults and excess temper can cause crack in your relationship.

Be her man, not her doormat

When you are not ok with something, learn to say no. This should be acceptable vice versa too. When she says no to something, try to understand her and respect her decision. Make sure that she also respects your decisions. When you have just started the relationship, don’t instantly make them a priority. Find yourself ample time to let them slowly into your life. Similarly give them time to make you as their priority.

Give her surprises and challenge her

Give her experiences like she keeps on guessing what is next. Relationship can be compared to a roller coaster ride. They have ups, downs, twist and turns. But the ride will be fun. Once in a while take her to new places and experience new things. Give them surprises; it doesn’t matter if it is big or small. Buy them gifts and make them happy. But never over do things.

Give her compliments

Appreciate them for their achievements and compliment them if they have done something good. When you find something bad, try to give a healthy criticism.

Understand her needs

Never assume what they need, instead try to understand from them. For instance while buying a dress, try to understand their colour preference and the type, instead of selecting the one you think would suit them.

Protect them

Whatever the situation, stand up for her and it is the right thing to do. Also, you should not let others insult her or put her down. Being protected can make them feel more love and respect towards you. This doesn’t mean that even if she does something wrong, you must protect her. If you are so sure that the mistake is on her side, try to make her understand and correct her.

Listen to her, but never over talk

Whenever you are having a conversation, listen to her before giving an answer. Never interrupt while they are talking. Even though the conversation is boring, never express them. Just pay attention to them until they have finished. Show genuine interest in what they say.

Respect her parents just like yours

Show the same level of respect to her parents as you respect yours. Never talk bad about her parents, even when she is angry with them or hates them. She has the rights to talk about her parents but not you!

ZOHO Forms

Zoho Forms is a strong and reliable online form builder which is mainly developed for creating and collecting forms from various systems, online platforms and other mobile applications. You can also share them with multiple users. They help the employees of an organization to add public links to the forms and mail them to other employees or external partners.

The data entered in Zoho Forms are well-organized and securely kept in their storage. Once the information is entered into Zoho Forms, they are directly transferred to the cloud. In the cloud your data will be saved and protected far better than the local systems. Other than you, the data can be accessed by assigned staffs on every location. This is one of the useful features for many businesses that help to save their money and time.

Zoho Forms are practical app which is user friendly and affordable for all types of businesses.


There are different plans available for Zoho Forms.

  • Basic plan – Rs.730/month
  • Standard plan – Rs.1, 825/month
  • Professional plan – Rs.3, 650/month
  • Premium plan – Rs.7, 300/month

Major features

  • Drag and drop options
  • Team decisions
  • Email campaigns
  • Sheets
  • Customization options
  • Quick response forms
  • Summary recording
  • Multiple sharing
  • QR code sharing
  • Analytics
  • Integrations


Zoho Forms are easy to use and flexible in nature. They help you to create forms using a simple drag and drop function, which means you can easily transfer fields so that you can personalize your documentation. They are also available in mobile version so that you can create, share and access content from anywhere. This is mainly useful for big companies which have branches in different locations. This helps the company to save a lot in terms of communication funds since all the employees can share their forms quickly through this platform.

Zoho Forms can be customized according to the business needs and there is no standard format for these forms. While using forms, user shouldn’t be worried about validation process because validation happens automatically within the application.

Zoho Forms are well equipped to handle digital signatures. They provide assistance in the case of approvals and paper trails which helps to increase the company’s credibility as well as the popularity for your brand. Creating forms is easier by using Zoho Forms due to their flexible features, quick response and cloud storage system.

Zoho Form helps organizations to convert the working environment into a stable collaboration, where every employee are connected and pass the vital informations time to time. Employees can finish their projects on time without missing the deadlines and the chance for losing data is minimum. They also protect the information from misuse and intrusion.

They are compatible with operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Windows mobile. Zoho Forms can be combined with other Zoho applications like Zoho CRM, Support, Campaigns, Creator, Books, People, Recruit etc. They also include some premium features like third-party integrations, payment options etc. Forms support multiple languages like Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Using the free plan, you can only create up to three forms and to proceed further, you need to upgrade the plan. So go through the plans and choose the apt one which suits your business.

Additional features

  • 40+ form fields: These fields consist of personal informations and other advanced options like file uploads, electronic signatures and sub forms.
  • Payments: You can do payment transfer using this application.
  • Multi-page forms: This feature helps you to break down lengthy forms into multiple pages and allow the users to save them part by part.
  • Confirmation and notifications: Using Zoho Form, you can send messages through emails and SMS to the customers and collect their responses to segregate them into different pages.

You have more than 45 templates available within the application. You can choose the desired form that suits your business and can also be customized. All the forms available in Zoho Forms are mobile responsive.

How to know a girl has feelings for you?

When it comes to boys, understanding a girl’s feeling is never easy. There are many ways to find out their feelings; it can be through the expression in their eyes, through their facial expression, fluctuations in their voice or physical behaviour. But understanding each expressions and movements helps you to know what they mean. For example, the look they give to a normal guy and the guy they love is different. The simple ways to grasp their feelings is to closely watch their patterns and slowly asking them whether they have feelings for you.

Here are some ways to understand:

Pay attention to their looks

Love is always related to eyes. The way they look you can help you to know more about their feelings. When you notice that her eyes if always focusing towards your face and eyes in a different way, when you are talking something and when you are not talking anything, there are possibilities that she is romantically attracted to you. If they are attracted to you sexually, normally the gaze would be on your body parts, but not eyes. Continuous eye contact can be a sign that she has feelings for you. And also, the shift of eyes continuously can be a sign that she is an extrovert. Before arriving to a decision, just understand the person well.

Notice the size of her pupils

Constricting the pupil is one of the signs of interest. If she is having any kind of feelings to you, the size of her pupil will decrease when she is looking at you. Scientifically, people’s eyes dilate when they see something which they wish for. Be careful, the size of the pupil changes when they are subjected to light. So never misunderstand their pupils in certain conditions.

See how many times she blinks in a minute

When she is having a conversation with you, if you find her blinking more than 6 times in a minute, then possibly she has feelings for you. When people look at something which they like so much, they tend to blink often.

Listen to their tone

When a girl is interested in you, while she speaks to you, her voice lowers. The tone will be a bit huskier and breathy one. Experts have proved that women speak in low and seductive voice when they are attracted to a man. This theory is not 100% true. There can be women with low and feeble voice in default. Analyse the situation before you have a misconception.

Check out for groupings of gestures

When she expresses a group of gestures, it could indicate that she is connected to you. Observe the gestures and emotions going through their face when they are talking to you.

Look out for her body language when she laughs

Every time, looks and laughs cannot help you understand her emotions; you need to concentrate on the body language too. When she is interested in you, she tends to take up more space towards you or lean towards you while she is laughing. When a woman is attracted to a man, they place their body in such a way that, they positive sides are highlighted when they are laughing.

Suggest her an activity where you can concentrate on her

Take her out for a dinner or coffees so that you can talk and understand the spark within her. Never finish too soon. Take your own time and talk a lot. Make her feel comfortable so that she starts expressing her feelings inside her, if she has them. The best way to understand a person’s feeling is to have a good talk with them. Also, be a good listener when they are talking. This increases their confidence to talk.

Ask them about her feelings

The best way to know her feelings is asking her directly. Only ask her, if you have felt the romance vibes from her. If not, there are chances that your existing relationship gets spoiled. Just tell her how much you enjoy her company and you have started to develop romantic feeling for her. Ask her opinion of the same. Be ready to accept both the situations. Never feel bad if she has a negative answer. You just did your part!

Things you should never say to your partner

While communicating with your partner, there are some things which you should never say to them because it can seriously harm your relationship. When you are having fights, you may tell something due to the pressure and may be it unknowingly slipped out of your tongue. Even unknowingly you should never tell them certain phrases as it can give a negative impact to your relationship.

Let us go through some sentences which you should never tell them to their face.

“If you really loved me, you would do it”

This is a kind of emotionally blackmailing sentence. Intentionally you are not meaning anything but for them it may feel like you are trying to manipulate and pressurize them by making them do something which they have no interest to do. Experts say that by saying this sentence, you will create an imbalance and struggle in your relationship. It gradually will lead to anger and frustration. Instead of this sentence, try to say something like, “I am really interested to know why you don’t like doing this” or “Share me the thoughts about why you don’t want to do it”.

“You make me whole”

This statement implies that you are dependent on your partner and it exposes your low self-esteem and confidence. It means that, you were not completely satisfied with what you were before you met your partner. You are putting yourself in a state of vulnerability. It is dangerous to say something like that. It would make your partner more dominant over you. In relationship both should be equal. Try to say, “Whenever we are together I feel strength from inside”.

“I wish things were how they used to be”

We all may have said this to our partner. When both are having hard times, some instances will come into your mind where you both we happy and spent time with each other, enjoying every moment. Understand that we cannot recreate the past, you this statement is irrelevant. They create a sense of longing, yearning and wishful thinking which demotivates your current relationship. Instead of making this statement, say, “Let’s try to put equal efforts to make our relationship colourful as it was before.”

“You are so boring”

This is a very rude statement and by saying this you are hurting the emotion of your partner. This is a negative criticism and it may create harmful separation and division of a relationship. Try to say, “It feels like our relationship is going flat and we need to do something that can bring back the colours of our relationship”.

“Why do you never listen to me?”

Sometimes you feel that your partner is not listening to you. This statement is made when the partner does not maintain a healthy two way communication or they become very blinkered in their opinions. Sometimes repeating this statement emotionally or aggressively will also never work. Try to say, “Can we try to look at this situation together?”

“You are so selfish”

This is a common statement everyone makes in a relationship. This is basically a judgemental and critical statement which makes the other person feel bad and can sometimes leads to disconnection. It usually pops out due to the heat of the moment, but by saying so it can shut down healthy communication.

Signs that you partner is losing interest in you

When you start to recognize that your partner is pulling off from you in a relationship, you feel hurt and can flare up deep rooted fears and insecurities. There can be situations where your relationship isn’t happy and you feel that something is missing in your partner. You feel that the energy you both had before has decreased and you realize it is not for the better.

If they are ready to have physical with you but do not share the same emotional bond which was between you, there are chances that they may be mentally disconnected from you. If these kind of disturbing happenings occur in your relationship, never jump into conclusion easily. Instead, try to have a conversation with your partner and understand why this is happening. Never assume things and dishearten your mind. Sometimes a compassionate talk can make everything better.

They stopped enquiring about small things

People in relationship becomes happy not in big complicated things but in small and silly things. The minute conversations between both the partner makes each other happy. Sometimes it can be a message like, “how was your day” or “had food” etc. These little concerns from your partner can make your day. When your partner is losing interest in you, they neglect these small things. They may not even remember or care enough to ask.

Late replies for calls, messages, emails etc.

We all get busy. Sometimes we fail to responds to calls and messages due to our work or any other important matters. But when a person suddenly reduces the contact which they were continuing for the past few months, it can dull you. It can be a sign that your partner is trying to distance themselves. Lack of interest can make them reply late for your text. They make silly excuses not to call you and text you like they were busy at work or they forgot to call you back.

Whenever you try to connect, they pull them away

When you are in a relation, you have the complete freedom to ask what you want in a relationship. If there comes a situation where you are continuously asking for love and affection and they are neglecting them, there are possibilities they have moved out of the relationship. Even if you feel sad about this, they may be cool and doesn’t feel sad about losing you.

Your rarely touch each other

During the initial stages of relationship it is quiet natural to be extra affectionate with one another. During those days both of you would be eager to hold each other’s hand in public, cuddle in the couch and have frequent physical connection. When your partner loses connection with you, they will barely give you hugs, kisses, back rubs etc. The interest decreases slowly.

They stop making efforts to contact your friends and family

When you are in relationship, you start having good contact with the friends and family members of your partner. You call them, have chat with them and maintain a good relationship because you know that one day they are going to be a part of your future. When your partner loses interest in you, they try to cut off the contact with your friends and family. They withdraw interest in spending time with them.

Emotional needs in a relationship

Other than love, there are various needs required for a relationship to sustain. It can be physical, emotional and mental. Only if these needs are met, your relationship will stay healthy and will last long. Here were focussing about the emotional needs.

Every individual has their own emotional needs. Feelings like affection, care, security and appreciation are some of the simple needs that people wish to receive from a relationship. The strength of relationship can create a huge difference whether you both get your needs met.

Even though people and relationship are different, these basic emotional needs are those which everyone wishes to receive from their partner.


Affection can vary for different people. Some of the common ones include:

  • Physical touch
  • Caring and loving words
  • Kind gestures
  • Sexual intimacy

Affection is an important emotional need with increases the bond strength and closeness between the partners. Not everyone is good at expressing their emotions. Some may have love for you, but will not be able to express what they want and what they feel. This is where understanding comes into existence. The opposite person must try to understand the person and his weakness about feelings. Never end the relationship because you are not getting what you need. There are people who never say “I love you” but shows them through their actions and behaviours.


Knowing your partner in depth and accepting them in the way they are is one of the greatest achievements in a relationship. When you accept them as a whole, it creates a sense of belonging in a relationship. It does not work by just accepting them; you must prove that they are worth for your love and theirs in return. The response from you, when they show their vulnerabilities and weakness to you is an important step towards intimate relationship. Once you believe that these flaws can be fought together, your relation starts blooming.


According to the studies, partners feel it important to share the same wavelength. There are situations when you partner does not understand your perspective completely and this might lead you to feel misunderstood. If they don’t respect your feelings and emotions you may feel offended and ignored. Even though both of you have validation, and these kinds of things happen in your relationship, they your interest towards the relation will be off. If you constantly feel unheard or invalidated, just address the issue with your partner and find a proper solution.


Security of a relationship can depend on many factors:

  • Respect each other’s boundaries.
  • Feeling safe to share every intimate feeling.
  • Having physical security.
  • The belief that they will support your decisions and choices.


Security and trust are interconnected. You can’t have the feeling of security without a person whom you don’t trust. Once you develop trust on someone, you will be sure that, they will stand for you and protect you in any situation. Never doubt your partner just because they don’t communicate with you time or they stay out late without any explanation. You must understand one thing that relationship is not their world; they have a life outside relationship. Never try to control your partner and never break the trust for the silly issues that your evil mind suggests.


Every person loves to believe that they are the first priority to their partners after they meet their own needs. There can be circumstances where, a friend or a family member is their first priority. During that time you can have insecurity feelings and jealousy. You may even think that why they even bother with a relationship. These are tough situations and you need to sort this out. Try talking to them and understand that why you are not their first priority. Never talk in a rude tone. There can be valid reasons why they are their first priority. Try to understand them, sort things out.


In a relationship people should feel connected to each other. It is common that you don’t do everything together. There can be differences in interest. But they should be some things that help you connect with each other. Without connections, relationships are failure. With proper bond, it can feel lonely when you both indulge in some activities. It will start to feel like you are just two strangers in a relationship without connection. Feel connected and stay happy.

Zoho campaigns

 Zoho campaign is a feature rich software used for email marketing. They can be used by all types of business; large scale, medium scale and small scale. They support you with list management, automation, report tracking etc. Campaign is a cost-efficient email marketing application that helps your business grow and reach more number of people. For the ease of work, they contain predefined templates and drag & drop editor which helps in creating responsive & attractive email campaigns. Zoho helps you in the automation of the entire campaigning process and to create a plan on how to conduct the campaign.

They are developed to boost the sales and increase the customer base of a business. They ensure your business expands and ends up having broadloom connection with other third-party applications like YouTube, Facebook etc. Most of the people use this application to optimize the work flow, activate auto responders and follow up of business. They help to make email interactions more engaging and lively.


  • Helps to create attention grabbing newsletters: building Zoho campaigns can be done instantly using the drag and drop feature. You have the freedom to customize the layout and interface of the campaign. You have wide variety of inbuilt-templates that helps you to choose a preferred design and pattern for you work. There are options to add visual elements with the help of image editor. You can crop, resize, adjust and add effects to the image according to your wish.
  • Handling subscriber management: adding subscribers can be done in two ways; either you add one customer at a time or else you go for streamline process when there is large number of subscribers with the help of API. There are options in Campaign to import customer details from Zoho CRM and Excel. Using Campaign you can create sign-up forms and distribute them to your audience/customers.
  • Making use of marketing automation: Campaign is developed by incorporating automation features so that a portion of your work can be assigned to the software and then you can focus on the important aspects of the marketing process. For instance, they are triggered when your business gets a new customer or when any purchase is made. Campaign responds automatically in these instances so that you don’t need to be bothered about them. There are reminder options available to notify you about birthdays, renewal dates etc. that help to keep in touch with the customers.


Email editor

Zoho Campaign contain efficient email editor feature. While creating an email, you can choose from standard templates in HTML builder which looks more professional. You can even customize the templates that suit your requirements. Apart from images, you can also add text, videos, tables, buttons and HTML snippets to make it alive. To digitalize the numeric, you can attach polls, graphs, pie charts etc. The advanced option in the email editor helps you to add dynamic content based on the recipient and their field of work.

Contact management

When you are adding contact details to your Campaigns, you can add the fields which are related to your customer. You can specify the source of contact, like from social media, through other business etc. This helps to keep an authenticity to your business. By doing so, you can successfully monitor the hypes of your campaign. When you add a contact, you should also add the following information:

  • Age and location
  • Source of the contact
  • Subscription date
  • Date of previous purchase
  • List of purchases made

Auto responders

Auto responders feature of Zoho functions by giving a set of templates on the basis of your goal and target audience. Auto responders can be triggered depending on time, season and events. They automatically send emails to the customers by analysing the content in the email.


Zoho Campaign generates reports on the basis of number of campaigns or list basis. They analyse the complete aspect of your list including campaign performance. They list the top five successful campaigns you have sent and also generate yearly performance report.

Other features

  • Landing pages for Facebook marketing
  • Imports newsletter templates
  • Social statistics
  • Syncs contacts from other Zoho applications
  • Enables chain campaigns


Zoho charges you according to the credits used.

  • 250 credits – Rs.440
  • 500 credits – Rs.875
  • 1000 credits – Rs.1, 600
  • 2000 credits – Rs.2, 920
  • 5000 credits – Rs.5, 840
  • 10,000 credits – Rs.10, 950 and so on.

You can also get the trial version w

How to avoid fights in relationships?

A relationship consists of two different personalities. Both the person will have different vibe, different perspectives and different personality. So there are chances fights come up in a relationship. The main problem is that people won’t give up in a fight. They don’t think about the love they had or the feelings they shared. They just want to satisfy their ego at the moment. Constant fights may end a beautiful relationship. It could have been maintained if one person gave up. People fight over trust issues, unfulfilled expectations and compatibility.

Fights in relationships are common, but it should be healthy fights. It should not grow into larger conflicts. There are several ways to control fights and handle them with poise and understanding.

If you are tired of fighting with your partner, here are some ways to control them before it gets worse.

Dodge the defensive

It is common to become defensive during a fight. There are possibilities that you may feel your partner attacking you, blaming you for something you are unaware of. Receiving criticism or accusations from your partner in personal can increase the intensity of the fight.

Whenever you are in a fight, just evaluate the situation. Did you say anything wrong to hurt your partner? If yes, work on that to make it right. Just try to make an apology, fix what happened and communicate with them to make it right.

Stay away from the situation and stay cool

Whenever a fight happens, your emotions and thoughts become high and you fight with all your efforts to win the argument. Having a fight with this mindset can make the argument worse and mean.

When you get the feeling that the argument is becoming too heated, just step away for a while to regain your approach. Take some deep breaths to cool your mind. Sit alone for some time if necessary. Approach your partner with a fresh mind and talk about it with getting frustrated.

Fight or talk face to face

If you have an argument, argue face to face and not through texts and chats. Sometimes the tone of the texts can be misinterpreted. This may lead to more fights. When two people fight face to face, the body language of both are visible and it is easy to understand the tone. These fights can end soon than the digital fights.

Create boundaries

Fights go out of hand when you character assassin the person rather than focussing on the problem. Screaming and yelling at each without discussing about the problem can make the situation worse. When you are in an argument, just point out the problems and find a solution rather than yelling at them. Out of control behaviours can divert you from the issue and creates an unsafe space for each other which are hard to accept.

Remember why you are in a relationship

Before arguing to satisfy your ego, remember the reason which brought you together. Remember the love you shared and cherish the moments you spend together happily. Never let your partner hurt with your words due to some silly arguments. Try to give-up and end the argument to save the love between both.

Adobe Character Animate

Adobe Systems has developed much software which makes creativity easier and attractive. They have always supported creative people and offered grounds to improve their thoughts and ideas. Creative softwares are grouped together under a common Creative Cloud. The advantage of Creative Cloud is that, once you subscribe to cloud, you can work on different softwares present in the cloud simultaneously.

Adobe Character Animate is one of the applications in the Creative Cloud.

Character Animate is a desktop application that helps to merge live motion capture with multi-track recording system. This helps to manage layered 2D puppets created in Photoshop or Illustrator.

They are commonly installed along with Adobe After Effects. You can also buy them as a separate application. They help you to create live and non-live applications.

Character Animate is one of the software which enables you to give life to your 2D characters. You can animate facial expressions and gestures along with recording your own voice to sync with the lip movement of the character.

In the latest version of the update, Character Animate has brought new advanced features.



The characterizer feature of this software works with the help of Adobe Sensei. It helps them to bring out variety of Character Animate puppet instantly by combining the webcam image of the user and any selected reference art. Using Character animate you can instantly create distinctive puppets. The characters are created using different styles, from different paintings, drawings and sculptures. You can customize styles according to your wish.


Replay feature allows you to choose between different takes like the perfect eye orientation, timely fist-bump etc. that can make the character realistic. You can maintain the quality of the live session by easily choosing from the repeatedly used takes during the live session. Saving each take helps you to figure out the perfect facial expression, lip movement etc. Replays also play an important role during exporting a puppet.


Magnets help your work to be livelier. They allow making actions for your puppets like throwing a stone, dropping or picking items etc. You can apply magnet effect by just dragging the item (say cup) to the character. It will automatically pick the cup using the magnet feature.


This feature helps to perform activities like Squashing, stretching, deformation and damping control. Physics allow you to add pliability to your puppets or characters. Squashing function is added to an object so that it can bounce and make the motion less rigid. Squash and stretch equally adds naturality to the character.

The damping control offers less sway while utilising stiffness setting which executes more looser swaying motion.

Walking behaviour

Using the advanced shoulder and hip movements, three-quarter walk movements are possible. Character subjected to this feature now produces pleasing arm and leg motion.

History Bookmarks

This feature helps you to access previous works and workout new ideas.

Since the Character Animate library consists of only limited pre-created character, you will have to import your own character designs or purchase them. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are used alongside with this software to improve the quality of the work. if you don’t have softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro or After Effects, many function of this software cannot be used.

You need to have a good camera to capture responds of your facial expression and head tilts.

Adobe Character Animate is a user friendly software but most of the functions and tools are from other Adobe software, so you need to have good knowledge about those softwares. There are tutorials available for the beginners in the application.

Performer mode

Performer mode in this software helps you to record and stream options completely free. They are utilised to create puppets in video calls or live streams in YouTube.

Using performer mode, you can:

  • Use free puppets
  • Use the record option for animating and exporting purposes.
  • Live stream options for games, videos, calls etc.
  • Utilize premade puppets.
  • Use trial without inspiration.

Subscription plans

  • Annual plan, paid monthly – Rs.4, 230
  • Annual plan, prepaid – Rs.47, 889
  • Monthly plan – Rs.6, 346

If you have passion in animation and artistic works, you should definitely try Adobe Character Animate. For more information visit